5 Questions to Ask Your Trash Bag Supplier to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

5 Questions to Ask Your Trash Bag Supplier to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Apr 15

You have no shortage of options when it comes to finding a trash bag supplier. However, not all trash bag suppliers are created equal! While some trash bag suppliers may help your business reduce costs and save money, others may be looking to earn a quick buck at your expense. To help you avoid the latter, here are a few questions you can ask to find the best trash bag supplier. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to AAA Polymer today.

Does the Trash Bag Supplier Offer An Online Gauge Calculator?

If you're like most businesses owners, you simply buy can liners and rarely think twice about whether the product you've paid for is actually in the box. Although a small variance in what's stated on the box and what's actually in the box may seem miniscule, it can quickly add up and equate to the significant waste of your financial resources.

However, you shouldn't have to go on the trash bag supplier's word alone. The most credible trash bag suppliers will encourage and even provide online tools to help you calculate your can liner gauge in a matter of moments.

Why is calculating the actual bag gauge important? AAA Polymer has been in business since 1974, and we've unfortunately witnessed countless instances where the customer was paying for a more expensive trash bag than what was actually in the box. To help prevent you from being defrauded, we empower you to take your own measurements and calculate the actual can liner gauge you're using — instead of only relying on the measurements on the packaging.

Use AAA Polymers free, no-obligation can liner gauge calculator.

Are Your Bag Labels In Compliance with the NIST?

The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) sets the standard for the information each label on a box of can liners should provide. This is important because some can liner manufacturers and trash bag suppliers only offer nondescript information on the can liner label, like XXL or XX. This can be confusing and only complicate your ability to comparison shop. Instead, make sure the supplier's boxes of can liners are in line with the NIST and include the following information:

  • Can liner size
  • Gauge in Microns & Color
  • Capacity in Gallons
  • Case Pack
  • Case Weight and Bar Code
Trash Bag Supplier

Which Can Liner Is Best for My Business?

When it comes to your business can liner needs, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. In fact, each can liner should be specifically engineered to meet its application needs. As a result, your trash bag supplier should analyze your business needs and suggest the best trash bag for each application. 

Understanding what makes each different type of can liner unique and connecting those attributes to the specific application means you'll avoid wasting money and resources. Your trash bag supplier should help you choose between high desnsity vs low density can liners:

  • Low density can liners are thicker and more resistant to puncturing and tearing, which means these can liners may be more suitable for wood, cardboard, and other types of irregular shaped items.
  • High density can liners are a less expensive option, but these bags are more crinkly and susceptible to puncture. You can find high density bags as grocery store bag, office waste can liners, and restroom waste can liners.

How Can You Save My Company Money?

While many companies sell can liners, only the best partners get to know your business and find ways to save you money. For example, AAA Polymer asks the right questions to find ways to help our clients run more efficiently.

If you've ever walked through your business, distribution center, or warehouse and spotted baskets with significant overhang, it's likely you have "Ugly Bag Hangover" (UBO) and are choosing the wrong size can liner. UBO is more than just unsightly, it means you could be throwing your hard earned profits out with the trash.

Even though UBO may not seem like a substantial cause of source reduction, most facilities use up to 30% more trash bag than actually needed. In perspective, if you're spending $5k to $100k in commercial bags annually, a 30% reduction in costs can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. Instead of simply purchasing can liners, make sure to ask your supplier how they can save you money.

Does the Trash Bag Supplier Offer a Free Can Liner Audit & Analysis?

Today's technology means you have more options than ever when purchasing can liners for your business, warehouse, or distribution center. Because of this, it always makes money and sense to ensure your business is using the best can liner for your specific application.

The only way you can be sure you're getting the most bang for your buck is through a can liner audit and analysis. And if your trash bag supplier doesn't offer a free can liner audit to current and existing customers, they're not interest in saving you money or adding value to your business.

At AAA Polymer, we regularly offer new and existing customers our free can liner analysis. During the analysis, we carefully analyze your needs and usage while concentrating on ways to reduce your overall costs. To date, we've helped countless customers save money, reduce costs, and create efficiencies with our free can liner audit & analysis.

Contact AAA Polymer today for a free trash bag analysis.

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