Cha Ching! 5 Reasons Business Buy Can Liners in Bulk from AAA Polymer

Cha Ching! 5 Reasons Business Buy Can Liners in Bulk from AAA Polymer

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Jan 13

When it comes to procuring trash bags for your business, you have two options: buy can liners in bulk or visit a store to purchase can liners. For some business owners, the convenience of quickly walking into a store to grab a box of can liners may be the preferred solution. 

However, savvy business owners who enjoy creating cost savings turn to AAA Polymer to buy can liners in bulk for the best prices. Whether you’re looking for a new vendor or are on the fence about purchasing trash bags in bulk, you’ll find the following information helpful. 

Buy Can Liners in Bulk to Reduce the Per-Unit Cost 

Undoubtedly, the number one reason to buy can liners in bulk is the cost savings. When you buy anything in bulk, you will typically reduce the per-unit cost, which means you’ll get more for your money. In addition to the actual per unit cost, you’ll also save on shipping costs and/or fuel costs. In contrast, buying in smaller quantities means you’ll pay more per unit, pay more in delivery costs, and potentially incur other costs. 

The Environmental Benefits of Buying Can Liners in Bulk 

Buying can liners in bulk can have substantial environmental benefits. Bulk-packaged can liners use less packaging than several individual purchases, which makes it the eco-friendly alternative. In addition, buying bulk can liners will reduce the number of delivery miles attached to the product. And when you contribute to the use of less fuel and less air pollution, we all benefit. 

If your business currently has any Green initiatives — like a stretch film recycling program — buying can liners in bulk can be the perfect complement. Considering how green initiatives are a huge selling point for a growing number of customers, you can strategically use this to your advantage. 

Buying Trash Bags in Bulk Can Result in Business Insight

Far too often, businesses who purchase can liners on demand fail to have even a relative idea about the overall costs of can liners. When buying can liners on demand, business owners and facility managers simply purchase can liners as needed— which may be every few days, once a week, etc. 

Regardless of how decentralized your purchasing tasks are, you should take every possible advantage to cut costs. A well-executed bulk can liner purchasing strategy will empower you to do just that. When you buy can liners in bulk, you’ll begin to strategically understand the expense, how often it occurs, and ways you can potentially lower it. 

Save Money & Create Business Efficiencies with Bulk Trash Bags

Although you may have a great relationship with the cashier at the big box store, they will rarely ever offer you industry insight and add value to your business. On the other hand, when you purchase can liners in bulk from AAA Polymer, you’ll gain a valuable business partner with insider knowledge about the can liner industry

Instead of simply taking your order and filling it, we always work to ensure you’re selecting the best can liner for the specific application. In doing so, we’ve been able to help countless business owners save money and create efficiencies.  

One question we regularly ask our customer is “Are you throwing your hard-earned profits into the trash?” The most obvious answer we receive is “no.” Upon looking a little deeper, we’ve consistently found companies who use trash bags that are too big and require banding or constant knotting are indeed wasting money on the wrong trash bag. 

At AAA Polymer, we systematically help our customers stop wasting money on the wrong size trash bag with our policy of right-sizing can liners. In fact, we completed a needs analysis for one client to save them up to $5,000. 

Contact AAA Polymer to Buy Can Liners in Bulk 

While buying can liners in bulk will almost always result in a lower cost-per unit, the experts at AAA Polymer work to amplify your savings. We form valuable relationships with all of our clients to provide insight on different methods and strategies to save money.  

For instance, we always start out by helping our clients choose the right can liner and right size. Then, we’ll offer you a selection of different types of can liners based on the specific application and your budget. When you buy can liners in bulk from AAA Polymer, we’ll guide you through the process and work to create efficiencies along the way. 

Contact AAA Polymer today to buy can liners in bulk and save.

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