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Michael Kralstein started working in sales full time for AAA Polymer in February 2000. In 2006, he became the Sales Manager of our can liner division. He currently manages all aspects related to can liners.

Stretch Film vs Hooder Film
Apr 25

Wrapping It Up! Stretch Film vs Hooder Film

By Michael Kralstein | Stretch Wrap

We get it — the specifics of pallet packaging isn’t always the most glamourous or even straightforward. Even so, understanding the differences between stretch film vs hooder film can truly affect your bottom line.  Fortunately, the experts at AAA Polymer offer decades of experience helping warehouse and distribution center operators unravel the key benefits of […]

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Hooder Film & Shrink Hooder Film
Apr 22

Unraveling the Confusion Surrounding Hooder Film & Shrink Hooder Film

By Michael Kralstein | Uncategorized

If you wrap large volumes of palletized products, you may benefit from considering stretch hooder film. In either case, choosing the best pallet packaging method can significantly impact your facility’s sustainability, profitability, and distribution chain performance. Until now, we’ve produced several blogs and educational resources on conventional spiral stretch wrapping. In addition to a full range […]

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Plastic Recycling Market
Feb 19

How the Plastic Recycling Market Works & How Plastic Scrap Prices Are Set

By Michael Kralstein | Plastics Recycling

Over time, the plastics recycling market has grown and morphed into a booming business with significantly positive environmental implications. The plastic recycling market is also where  warehouses, distribution centers, and other businesses earn cash for their plastic scraps. Let’s take a closer look at the plastics recycling market, how it works, and how the price […]

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