Gain the Edge with AAA Polymer's Can Liners Made with Trex Cardinal PCR

Gain the Edge with AAA Polymer’s Can Liners Made with Trex Cardinal PCR

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Mar 21

In today's highly competitive business environment, it's imperative to create a competitive advantage. AAA Polymer offers a simple and cost-effective way to potentially transform your bottom line without taking on additional expenditures.

Thinking outside the box starts with AAA Polymer's can liners made with Trex Cardinal post consumer recycled (PCR) content. Trex and AAA have joined forces to provide a simple option for businesses to close their recycling loop with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) pellets recovered and processed by Trex in their state-of-the-art reprocessing facility.  

Trex uses its proprietary process to create Cardinal- branded Trex recycled pellets, which are made from 100% recycled materials — no virgin plastic or post-industrial film is added. After being certified by the International Code Council (ICC), AAA Polymer uses the resins to create new can liners that offer equivalent pricing, equivalent strength, and ample benefits.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, AAA Polymer will help you implement Trex Cardinal PCR can liners into your business. Continue reading to learn more about AAA Polymer's can liners with Trex Cardinal PCR content and how they can help you gain the edge.  

Nothing to Lose - Everything to Gain

Traditionally, companies who were looking to purchase can liners and other products with post-consumer recycled content reported concerns over quality. This problem could be sourced to the fact many products made from PCR resins were made up of content from many different vendors. It often resulted in varying characteristics and inconsistencies in the product.

Contrary to popular belief, doing what's right for the environment doesn't have to break the bank or result in decreased can liner strength. As a matter of fact, AAA Polymer's can liners made with Trex Cardinal PCR resins are proving the exact opposite. Trex Cardinal's pellets are ICC-certified and represent the highest quality PCR resins available on the market.

Since our can liners made with PCR resins are all single sourced through the industry-leading Trex Cardinal resin, we're able to provide products with exceptional strength, durability, and reliability. Most importantly, you will enjoy equivalent pricing by utilizing can liners made with Trex Cardinal PCR resins.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

At AAA Polymer, we can blend PCR content into any can liner of any size for any application. This means you can purchase bin liners, can liners, and fully customized garbage bags engineered with PCR content uniquely designed for your needs.

By doing so, you can close the loop on  your recycling efforts to provide a more positive, profitable, and eco-friendly image of your brand. And when you do, your customers may be willing to pay more for your products.

Go Green & Close the Loop with Trex Cardinal PCR Can Liners

In addition to equivalent pricing and strength, AAA Polymer's can liners made with Trex Cardinal PCR resins are the eco-friendly option and an excellent way to reduce your facility's overall carbon footprint. When you use can liners made with virgin LDPE, you are requiring the processing of finite fossil fuels. As these fossil fuels are burned and processed, they release harmful greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the burning of fossil fuels in 2010 was responsible for 79% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. However, the same agency reports recycled plastics — like AAA Polymer's Trex Cardinal PCR can liners — are the green choice and the more environmentally conscious decision.

By using Trex Cardinal PCR can liners, you can help:

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    Reduce CO2 emissions associated with virgin plastic production,
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    Minimize the amount of oil used in the creation of virgin plastics,
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    Limit energy consumption associated with the production of plastics, and
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    Keep additional can liners out of landfills.  

Simply put, the more Trex Cardinal PCR can liners you use in your business or warehouse, the larger the impact you can make toward saving the environment. And with an effective marketing campaign, you can tell your customers about your sustainability efforts to truly impact your bottom line.

Customers May Pay More for Products from Eco-Friendly Companies

According to a Nielsen global sustainability study, a staggering 66% of global respondents are willing to pay more for products and services offered by companies committed to a positive environmental and social impact. When you implement AAA Polymer's can liners made with Trex Cardinal PCR resins, you'll take a huge step in closing the loop and positioning your brand as eco-friendly and socially responsible. Simply put, using Trex Cardinal PCR can be the perfect entry point into company-wide sustainability and the transformation of your brand image.

Contact AAA Polymer for Can Liners with Trex Cardinal PCR

At AAA Polymer, we'll use our over 40 years of expertise to make the transition to utilizing Trex Cardinal PCR resin based can liners as easy and as hassle-free as possible. In the process, we'll help you understand the countless benefits of closing the loop and choosing more eco-friendly options.

Let’s talk about how AAA Polymer's can liners with Trex Cardinal PCR can help your business achieve its goals. Contact AAA Polymer today for Trex Cardinal PCR can liners. 

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