What to Look for in the Best Contractor Trash Bags

What to Look for in the Best Contractor Trash Bags

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Apr 25

Whether you're the owner of a construction company, mold remediation company, or have any other heavy duty needs, it's vital you find the best contractor trash bags. By finding the most reliable contractor trash bag, you'll be able to more confidently load up jagged, heavy, and cumbersome debris that other trash bags couldn't accommodate.

However, not all contractor trash bags are manufactured equally, and some less-than-reliable contractor trash bags use for debris and other items are not up to the task. Instead of leaving it to costly chance, the experts at AAA Polymer explain a few must-have attributes you should look for in the best contractor trash bags. Continue reading to learn how to choose the best contractor trash bags for your needs.

The Best Contractor Trash Bags are Low Density

Whether you're looking for the best contract trash bags or a can liner for a bathroom, they are all made up of the basic raw resin material. In general, there are two different types of resins:

  • The most reliable contractor trash bags are made from low density (LD) resins. These resins are tougher and more durable, which offers superior protection against puncturing and tearing.
  • Can liners for bathroom and light office waste are made from high density (HD) resins. These bags are really lightweight and will tear easily, so they are not ideal for contractor trash bags

The Right Thickness for the Best Contractor Garbage Bags

Once you've chosen the right resin, the next step is to choose the best thickness. The actual thickness of the bag or gauge of the garbage bag will determine its strength and weight. The thickness of contractor trash bags will be measured in Mil, which equates to one thousandth of an inch or .001 of an inch.

You can find low density can liners ranging from as thin as .7 Mil and up. Simply put, the lower the Mil count, the lighter the trash bag. In contrast, trash bags with higher Mil counts will be used for trash with larger, heavier items.

Extra heavy-duty contractor trash bags span from 2.0 Mil up to 2.7 Mil and offer puncture resistance for broken glass, rough food waste, and items with sharper corners. However, the best contractor trash bags used by landscaping and construction companies range from 3.0 Mil up to 6.0 Mil and boast an unparalleled level of tear and puncture resistance.

Flat Seals Are on the Best Contractor Trash Bags

While you can choose between star seals, gusset seals, and flat seals — flat seals are regularly used on the most dependable contractor trash bags. One potential downside to the flat seal is it doesn't conform to the shape of the receptacle like star seals and gusset seal bags.

Yet, the lack of ability to conform to the shape of the receptacle isn't a deal breaker for most contractors. Why? Because most contractors use the trash bag as a free-standing way to collect construction debris, lawn trimmings, branches, etc. — without a receptacle. In contrast to conforming to the shape of the trash can receptacle, flat seals allow these types of heavy-duty garbage bags to stand upright on their own.

Tying the Knot on the Best Contractor Trash Bags

If you're looking for the most durable and reliable trash bags, it doesn't get much stronger than contractor trash bags. These trash bags have been specifically engineered to deal with various rigors of construction sites. The best contractor trash bag will be made of at least 3.0 mil thick, low-density resin. At this thickness and resin formulation, the trash bags will be perfect for stopping tears and punctures before they start.

Low density plastic trash bags are measured in Mils, and the higher the Mil number — the stronger and thicker the bags will be. At AAA Polymer, we offer a vast range of different trash bags for contractors — ranging up to 6.0 mil thick.The best contractor trash bags will be capable of managing heavy loads, while minimizing the risk of ripping.

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Contractor Trash Bags

We get it — few things are worse than loading a bag full of debris for the bag to tear — creating even more work than before. Fortunately, the experts at AAA Polymer offer decades of experience helping construction companies, landscaping companies, and a full range of other contractors choose the best trash bags.

We'll get to know your unique needs and guide you to the best trash bag, so you can spend less time cleaning up punctured trash bags and more time growing your business. Contact AAA Polymer today for the best contractor trash bags.

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