What Are the Best Garbage Bags for the Environment?

What Are the Best Garbage Bags for the Environment?

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Jul 13

Being a business owner means you must do whatever it takes to lower costs and increase profits for your company. Therefore, if you're not looking into the advantages associated with going green and using the best garbage bags for the environment, you’re letting a valuable opportunity slip right through your fingertips. Of course, finding the best garbage bags for the environment and self-sustaining practices can be tricky — but it doesn't have to be. 

At AAA Polymer, we have helped businesses across an array of industries understand the benefits and options associated with going green when it comes to can liners. While choosing this decision may seem inconsequential, it can be a key step toward reducing your carbon footprint. And AAA Polymer can help. Let's take a closer look at how you can choose the best garbage bags for the environment.

AAA Polymer Offers the Best Garbage Bags for the Environment

When it comes to the best garbage bags for the environment, it dwindles to two options:

But before we expand on it, it’s important you know the different types of green bag options available on the market.

  1. Biodegradable bags are made of materials that degrade naturally from microorganisms such as fungi, algae, and bacteria. In general, there is no specific time frame on how long it takes for this process to happen.
  2. Oxo-degradable bags degrade over time by exposure to the sun and humidity. When they degrade, they leave smaller plastic polymer residue behind.
  3. Compostable bags degrade naturally at a rate similar to other organic compostable materials. Unlike oxo-degradable bags, these bags leave behind no plastic polymer residue. Instead, they leave CO2, water, biomass, and different inorganic substances that are essential to composting. Among these three options, compostable bags are the best. 

BioTurf Compostable Bags Are Among the Best Garbage Bags for the Environment  

Known for their superior strength, odor control, and ability to save you green, BioTurf compostable bags are geared towards composting in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities. In addition to ASTM D6400, BioTurf has also received certifications for:

  • Tensile strength (D882),
  • Tear-resistance (D1922),
  • Dart impact (D1709) and
  • Film gauge thickness (D6988).

By being 100% certified compostable and proven to be reliable, these compostable garbage bags have become one of the most popular can liner choices for businesses who are serious about going green (and saving money). Fortunately, you don't have to look far to find the premier authorized retailer of these scutting-edge bags. The experts at AAa Polymer can help. 

PCR Can Liners Are Among the Best Garbage Bags for the Environment

Environmentally-friendly PCR Can Liners are another great option if businesses are not interested in composting their trash. Post-consumer recycled resin represents the recycled waste created by consumers. Before actually being turned into PCR resins, the plastic materials are meticulously taken through a process that includes cleaning and shredding. 

Businesses that choose to use PCR resins and trash bags in their facility typically enjoy a vast range of benefits, including: 

  • Improved brand image
  • Cost savings
  • Increased Profits
  • And more

Best of all, businesses can access these benefits without settling for an inferior, less-than product. At AAA Polymer, our PCR trash bags contain 20% certified post-consumer (PCR) low-density polyethylene resins (LDPE) and a minimum of 70% post-industrial sourced LDPE. By using our PCR trash bags, you can reduce reliance on “virgin” raw materials and enjoy comparable strength to the standard industry can liners. If you want to learn more about PCR Can Liners, check out our PCR Can Liner FAQ. And of course, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at AAA Polymer. 

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Garbage Bags for the Environment

When it comes to finding the best garbage bags for the environment, AAA Polymer will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer a myriad of different environmentally-friendly trash bags for virtually every need. 

Contact AAA Polymer today.

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