How to Choose the Best Stretch Wrap Equipment

How to Choose the Best Stretch Wrap Equipment

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Mar 04

Whether you own a business, warehouse, or distribution center, delivering your product(s) in a timely and effective manner is a top priority. Sometimes, preventable mistakes can cost your business money and loyalty; such as delivering damaged goods thanks to poor packaging. Fortunately, you can reduce the likelihood of damaged products by choosing the best stretch wrap equipment. 

Yet, due to the sheer number of types of stretch wrap equipment, this is often easier said than done! And to help you make the most intelligible decision, the team at AAA Polymer has outlined a few of our top tips for choosing the best stretch wrap equipment. Continue reading to learn more about choosing the best type of stretch wrap equipment.

Choose the Best Stretch Wrap Equipment by Asking The Right Questions

Before diving in, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you need, what your business will potentially look like in a couple of years, and what your budget currently allows. For example, if you know your business has a good chance of growing substantially, investing in stretch wrap equipment that will meet today's and tomorrow's needs will be in your best interest.

In general, you have three options to choose from: 

  • Semi-automatic pallet wrapping,
  • Automatic pallet wrapping and
  • Hand wrapping.

To better help you decide the method best for your facility, think about the type of weight, variability, and height of the loads you will be handling. In regards to the type of shipment load you'll be sending, there are three different unique ways of characterizing a pallet.

  • A Load: Uniform stacking with clean edges
  • B Load: Irregular stacking with uneven edges
  • C Load: No conformity and has sharp edges

Companies that ship light, stable goods often lean to a turn-table style wrapper thanks to the lower cost and simplicity of their orders. On the other hand, heavy and unstable loads are better suited with a rotary arm machine to make sure the shipment is tightly wrapped. Loads with high variables may benefit from having orbital, horizontal wrappers to make sure it is adequately secured to the pallet.

Determine The Proper Stretch Wrap For You

There are two types of stretch film to choose from: cast and blown. 

Blown Stretch Film

Blown stretch wrap is created using the blown extrusion process, giving it a high degree of memory once stretched and a strong resistance to sharp edges. The downside to blown stretch wrap is it can cost a bit more than the cast stretch film and may be harder to see through it once it has been applied to the pallet.

Cast Stretch Wrap

Cast stretch wrap unwinds quietly (compared to noisy blown stretch wraps) and is clear, allowing you to look at the product after it has been wrapped. Their lower manufacturing cost and double-sided cling make them a favorite amongst most businesses, despite their lower memory and tear resistance compared to blown stretch wraps.

Additional Types of Stretch Wrap

In addition to blown vs cast stretch film, there are three major variants to choose from:

  • Standard Stretch Film – Most commonly used cast film that can be applied to almost any type of load. Its multiple layers of film provide greater strength compared to basic economy films.
  • Engineered Film – With twice as many layers as standard film, their increased strength allows for greater tear and puncture resistance. This increase in strength allows buyers to use a lower thickness (or gauge) without sacrificing quality.
  • Pre-Stretch Film – Stretched out film is lighter and thinner than engineered films, making it easier to wrap. It requires significantly less pull for optimal torque, provides reliable containment pressure, and clings effectively to pallets, reducing unraveling or tension.

If you decide on having automation, be sure to research the different types of machine stretch film out there before committing to a particular type and gauge; which leads us to our next point.

How To Choose The Right Stretch Wrap Equipment

Deciding on the most cost effective method to stretch wrap your product is not as simple as it may seem. With no shortage of stretch film machines available and all the different types of stretch film to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. For starters, if you wrap more than 25 pallets per day, chances are some type of automation will be good for your business. 

Because every facility has different needs, we encourage you to check out our  guide to buying stretch wrap film for additional assistance in the process. And while AAA Polymer doesn't offer stretch wrap equipment, we do specialize in an array of different wraps and films. We will use our expertise to help you make the best decision. 

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Stretch Wraps and Films

Having the capability and functionality to securely package and ship your products is directly related to the health of your company. And when it comes to shipping, seemingly small mistakes can result in very costly outcomes. However, when you partner with the team at AAA Polymer, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and guide you to the best, most applicable solution. Contact us today to learn more about choosing the best stretch wrap equipment and stretch film.

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