Colored Trash Bags: More than What Meets the Eye

Colored Trash Bags: More than What Meets the Eye

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Feb 19

When it comes to colored trash bags, there's much more than what meets the eye! As a matter of fact, the psychology of colors and popular associations may offer you the opportunity to communicate particular messages.

At the same time, colored trash bags can be used throughout your facility for more practical purposes. For instance, savvy manufacturers implement colored trash bags to identify certain materials or to signify different steps in a process.

In the end, there are an endless number of ways you can use colored trash bags. Let's think outside of the box and take a closer look at some of the ways you can incorporate different types of colored trash bags into your business to create efficiencies.

What Are the Standard Uses of Colored Trash Bags?

Contrary to popular belief, colored commercial trash bags are designed to provide enhanced function. While you can always designate your own function to any color trash bag, here are some of the most common uses of colored trash bags.

Black Trash Bags

As the quintessential trash bag, black trash bags are arguably the most common. These all-purpose trash bags are typically used for non-infectious, non-biodegradable waste such as candy wrappers, styrofoams, plastic cans, etc.

Available in both high density and low density as well as all sizes, shapes, and thicknesses; black trash bags can be found in offices, homes, parks, and virtually everywhere else. Black trash bags are opaque, so they can easily hide trash or the contents inside. In addition, these bags go perfectly with stainless steel trash cans as well as chrome garbage cans.

White Opaque Trash Bags

White trash bags are exceptionally popular because they look clean and neat. Whether white trash bags are being used in a healthcare facility, bathroom, office, kitchen, or anywhere else; these trash bags communicate cleanliness and can help brighten up dark spaces. In addition, white trash bags are completely opaque and available in a long list of strengths and sizes.

Blue Trash Bags

Blue trash bags are usually utilized for more rugged, industrial materials, such as heavy plastics and glass. At the same time, some local municipalities and towns have designated blue trash bags to be the the color for collecting recyclability. You can find blue trash bags in virtually all sizes and strengths.

Clear Trash Bags

You can add a bit of clarity to your day with clear trash bags. You can choose from a seemingly endless array of clear trash bags — varying in material, size, and strength. Clear trash bags — such as our bottle bag — are typically used to house products that are recyclable such as newspapers, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. Simultaneously, retailers use clear trash bags as a proven way to reduce product shrinkage and deter employees from theft.

Green Trash Bags

Green trash bags are typically utilized for fruit peelings, vegetables, twigs, leaves, and other types of organic or biodegradable materials. In addition, green trash bags are translucent, so you'll be able to easily identify the contents at a glance.

Red Trash Bags

Red trash bags are commonly used to store biohazard waste in healthcare facilities and hospitals. These trash bags may be used to house potentially dangerous items such as test tubes, blood, human waste, or similar waste

Orange Trash Bags

Orange trash bags offer a can liner with color that you can quickly identify the contents at a glance. In addition, orange trash bags are excellent for adding a flair for festive occasions and can be repurposed for virtually any need.

Yellow Trash Bags

Yellow trash bags are often used to infuse color and vibrancy into office spaces as well as other areas. Yellow trash bags are a frequent solution whenever you're looking to bring color and vibrancy into a space.

How to Choose the Best Colored Trash Bag?

Are you unsure of which colored can liner is best for the application? The experts at AAA Polymer can help. We will listen carefully to your needs and guide you to the best colored can liner to help you achieve your goals.

For situations where there's no need to see inside, you can add an extra level of security by choosing opaque-colored liners. This works especially well for sensitive materials and will prevent the contents of the bag from being visible. In either case, we'll help you consider all options and angles to choose the best colored trash bag.  

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Since 1974, AAA Polymer has been helping businesses throughout the area achieve their goals.  We're proud to be the largest provider of high-quality trash bags in the Tri-State area. We are home to over 75 different types of can liners, including:

Contact AAA Polymer today to learn how you can use colored trash bags in your business.

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