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Plastic Recyling


Turn your plastic trash into cash with the premier commercial plastic recycling collection service in New York. For over four decades, we have led the way in commercial plastic collection, delivering solutions for all types of businesses.

Plastic Stretch Film

Stretch Film

Our vast offering of hand film, machine film, and custom film is competitively priced and offer unparalleled puncture and tear resistance. Our products also offer excellent cling for solid protection or regular and hard-to-hold loads.

Can Liners

Can Liners

Whether you're looking for can liners for large office complexes, warehouses, hospitals, retail locations, hotels -- or even if you're searching for more durable trash can liners to be used by lawn care companies, AAA Polymer will meet your needs.

The Plastics Experts Since 1974

AAA Polymer, Inc. was founded in 1974, as a plastic resin and material trading company. AAA's founders Albert and Richard Kralstein had an innovative vision to create a company to provide plastic recycling services for industrial/commercial businesses.

In 1986, AAA Polymer, Inc. expanded into the Can Liner and Stretch Wrap industry. Utilizing their experience in the plastic materials industry they built what is today one of the largest providers of Can Liners and stretch wrap in the Tri-State Area. Today we stock over 75 different can liners and our professional sales force provides “Can Liner Education” to over 500 customers.

In 2000, AAA Polymer pushed the boundaries once again by manufacturing custom logo bags in various industries ranging from recycling to supermarkets.

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