Is Pre-Stretched Stretch Film a Good Choice for Your Application?

Is Pre-Stretched Stretch Film a Good Choice for Your Application?

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Sep 12

Pre-stretched film is one of the largest industry segments, but many facility managers secretly wonder "Is pre-stretched film a good choice for our application." Although there are no one-size-fits all solutions, the AAA Polymer experts almost always answer with a resounding "yes." Continue reading to learn more about pre-stretched film and whether it's a viable option for your facility.

What Is Pre-Stretched Film?

Pre-stretched film is a type of film that has been stretched close to its breaking point prior to being placed on the rolls for use. As the halfway film between blown film and cast film, pre-stretched film is manufactured as an extruded blown film and has key characteristics of being dull and hazy. It offers remarkable puncture resistance and is much easier to apply than conventional cast and blown films.

Is Pre-Stretched Film A Good Choice for Your Application?

Do you ever wonder, "how much film is enough?" or "are my employees using the right amount of stretch wrap?" In reality, the right amount of conventional stretch film used will greatly depend on whether employees are properly stretching the film to get the most from each roll.

The Expensive Case of Film Waste

Most films should be stretched to 100% to 150% for it to manage a shifting load. However, an evaluation of hand wrapping in facilities across the nation determined most operators rarely stretch the film to over 50% when wrapping. The average person only stretches the hand wrap to less than 15%.

Pre-Stretched to Consistently Save Money

Since pre-stretched film is already extended to its optimal yield, you'll never have to worry about your employees not achieving the optimal stretch tension. The optimized tension consistency saves businesses money and film while improving containment ability and load stability. It also delivers more consistent wrapping performance bolstered by reduced film necking.

Pre-Stretched for Consistent Load Stability

With pre-stretched film, it only requires a fraction of the force as standard film to achieve the same wrapping power, which is a key reason pre-stretched film is so popular. As a matter of fact, pre-stretched hand film can achieve the same load stability as machine applications.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hand Pre-Stretch Film?

Simply put, pre-stretched film allows you to spend less energy doing more for better results.

Easier to Apply

Users can simply walk forward to apply because of the lower torque requirements. This makes the film easier and safer to control. As you would expect, pre-stretched film requires very little — if any — stretching, so pallets can be wrapped with exponentially less physical strength.

Simple Handling

Most pre-stretch films are double the strength, half of the thickness, and approximately ⅔ lighter than traditional rolls, which makes it much easier to manage.

Stretch the Dollar with Pre-Stretch Film

Although pre-stretched film can be more expensive by the roll, you will almost always save money overall. With pre-stretched film, you'll use around 50% less, which can render cost savings anywhere from 25% up to 40%. Additionally, pre-stretch film weighs less, which means lower shipping costs.

How Much Can Your Business Save from Not Living on the Edge?

Surprisingly, around 25% traditional rolls are trashed because of damaged edges caused by users dropping the roll. Pre-stretch film, in contrast, has virtually indestructible rolled edges with air blown into the roll to help prevent it from telescoping down. They're so strong, you can bounce pre-stretch film on the ground and use it with no concern.

Consistent Stretch

Traditional hand stretch film is notorious for failing to provide a uniform stretch, which can lead to unpredictable and sometimes troublesome performance like as load failures. Pre-stretched film, however, provides much more predictable and controllable performance.

Film Memory

Little to no force is required to apply pre-stretch film, and it naturally tightens after it's applied. A unique film memory and ability to tighten following application is one of the most attractive and important reasons businesses switch to using pre-stretched film.

Get More with Less

Pre-stretched film allows you to get more with less and enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Bolstered load retention provides better load stability.
  • Excellent tear resistance for loads with jagged corners or sharper edges.
  • Improved productivity by requiring fewer film wraps.
  • Outstanding performance in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Great clarity for inspecting product damage and scanning loads.
  • Ability to stabilize protruding and misshapen loads.
  • Superior cling to ensure the wrap sticks to itself and stays on the load.

In addition, pre-stretched film reduces waste and film usage, which can help your facility achieve and maintain compliance with Packaging Waste regulations and other plastic recycling initiatives.

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