New Year's Resolution Resolved: Reduce Warehouse Waste

New Year’s Resolution Resolved: Reduce Warehouse Waste

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Mar 03

If you're looking to reduce warehouse waste in 2021, the team at AAA Polymer can help. We specialize in helping warehouses and distribution centers implement robust plastic stretch film recycling programs. Let's take a closer look at a few simple, but actionable ways facility managers can reduce warehouse waste. 

Reduce Warehouse Waste by Reusing Materials

Warehouses are one area of the business where the propensity of reusing materials exists. Items like plastic totes and wood pallets are typically reused. A growing number of warehouses and distribution centers are finding ways to examine their warehouse practice to identify ample opportunities to reuse materials.

And a major area of focus for source reduction is the adoption of returnable packaging for products. Certain pieces of packaging material can be exceptionally expensive to manufacture and are lost every time a product is sold. By bolstering the life of packaging and increasing the ease of return for customers, the packaging may be able to be used several times, which can lead to savings and reduced waste. 

Reduce Warehouse Waste by Reducing Materials Consumption

One of the easiest ways to reduce warehouse waste is to reduce the consumption of materials. In doing so, you help drive a bottom-line changing reduction in spending. Many organizations have a renewed interest in reducing the amount of packaging they use or what's called source reduction.  

Consider Using Pre-Stretched Film for Packaging

Fortunately, changes in packaging material composition mean you may be able to use less for more protection. For example, a pre-stretch film is a kind of material that is extended near its breaking point and placed onto rolls.

Because it's stretched at approximately 90% from the factory, pre-stretched film is offered in thinner gauges than standard film. This often leads to the more efficient use of stretch film without sacrificing protection. Make sure to reach out to the team at AAA Polymer to learn how some of the latest advancements in the stretch film can empower you to use less, save more, and reduce warehouse waste. 

Make Sure You're Using the Right Can Liner

Although the can liner you're using may not appear to be a source of waste, it can be. To put it simply, it's critical to choose the right can liner size. And when you're considering which can liner to use, your process should be more intuitive than grabbing any ol' bag! 

On one hand, choosing a bag that's too big can lead to what we call Ugly Bag Hangover, which is an unsightly sign of waste. According to research, the majority of facilities are using up to 30% more trash bags than they actually need. In contrast, choosing a bag that's too small can lead to frustrating spills or you simply not using the bag at all. 

At AAA Polymer, we can help you reduce warehouse waste by choosing the right bag from the beginning. Whether you need tough, rugged contractor grade trash bags or light-duty bathroom can liners, we offer the inventory and expertise to guide you to the best solution. We'll work closely with you to show you how to stop wasting money on the wrong trash bag.

Reduce Warehouse Waste by Reducing Energy Consumption

As energy costs continue to spike, any reduction in consumption can help your company's bottom line and the environment. Fortunately, there are a number of relatively easy and simple ways you can reduce warehouse energy waste. 

For example, using motion sensors to light up areas that are in use is one inexpensive solution that can lead to immediate savings. You can also charge your forklift trucks during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower. A growing number of warehouses are looking into installing solar panels on the roof and smart electrical systems that capitalize on the benefits of off-peak power.

Reduce Warehouse Waste by Starting a Stretch Film Recycling Program

While all warehouses and distribution centers are different, they all share one thing in common: the largest source of waste or trash is stretch film. Whether it's pallets coming in and being broken down or pallets being wrapped for shipment that produce scraps, the plastic stretch film makes up most of the waste stream. Warehouses and distribution centers can dramatically reduce warehouse waste and create substantial cost savings by recycling the plastic stretch film scraps with AAA Polymer. 

By removing stretch films from your waste stream, you can make a strong environmental commitment as well as create significant savings.  And the team at AAA Polymer makes it as easy as possible. It all starts with a free initial site survey of your facility to best understand your needs. Our stretch film recycling program involves:

  • Determining if your facility would benefit from a bailing machine. If so, we'll work closely with you to help you choose the best equipment.
  • Offering guidance on the creation of employee engagement literature and materials.
  • Picking up large quantities of stretch wrap and stretch film from your facility.
  • Picking up smaller quantities from your facilities.

And once we pick up your recyclables, we'll take it from there! 

Contact AAA Polymer to Reduce Warehouse Waste

At AAA Polymer, we have been helping warehouses and distribution centers reduce waste for multiple decades. In addition to commercial stretch film recycling, we offer a range of services including:

Through our consultative approach, we will get to know you and your warehouse needs to guide you to the most efficient and economic solution. 

Contact AAA Polymer today for your free consultation!

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