The Top Stretch Wrap Uses You Haven't Considered

The Top Stretch Wrap Uses You Haven’t Considered

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Mar 14

Today, there are many innovative and beneficial stretch wrap uses. Stretch wrap is one of the most versatile and useful materials in the packaging industry and beyond. At AAA Polymer, we offer several types of stretch film designed to meet an array of needs. Let's take a closer look at some top stretch film uses

Stretch Wrap Can Be Used for Branding

When it comes to the top stretch wrap uses, it pays to think outside the box. And colored stretch film opens the door to a vast range of stretch film uses. For example, choose a stretch film color that is closely aligned with your brand. Then, only use this color for all of your pallets to create a uniform and consistent look. 

As the product is shipped to customers, they will begin to associate this color with your brand. This means every time a warehouse worker walks by a blue pallet, they are likely to associate it with your business. 

Palletizing Is a Top Stretch Film Use

Undoubtedly, stretch wrapping is one of the most economical and easiest ways to secure your load on a pallet before shipping. To do so, users only need to stack boxes into the shape of a cube onto the pallet. Then, wind the stretch film around the boxes to secure them together. 

Palletizing with stretch film can be performed with hand stretch film or by utilizing a stretch film machine. Stretch film is also perfect for securing heavy 55-gallon drums, beverage containers, steel beams, or heavy bags of mulch, soil, fertilizer, and feed. Stretch wrap can secure almost any product onto a pallet. 

Stretch Wrap Uses Include Moving

Another lesser-considered stretch wrap use is for securing and protecting large items for transportation. Movers regularly use stretch film to protect large furniture items from scrapes and scratches. At the same time, stretch wrap can be used to keep drawers shut on file cabinets, dressers, nightstands, coffee tables, and more.

This is helpful and can save time because it prevents the movers from having to remove the drawers. In either case, a tight wrap offers extra stability to prevent parts from moving while reducing the likelihood of damage to expensive items. Stretch wrap is the perfect solution for items that are too large for a crate or carton when moving. 

Stretch Film Can Be Used for Organization

Did you know you could use the colored stretch wrap in your distribution center or warehouse to increase organization? Color coding products is a simple and effective way for you to keep track of different pallets and/or shipments. Best of all, you can do so at a glance with colored stretch film.

With colored stretch wrap, you can neatly keep certain items separated, so your warehouse is more organized. In addition to making it easier to separate and identify pallets, using colored stretch wrap can ensure certain pallets aren't mixed with other loads. 

Use Hand Stretch Wrap for Light Bundling

Light hand stretch wrap can be quickly used to bundle a group of loose products together for transportation, sale, or inventory management. Stretch film is perfect for bundling items like rods, tubing, and dowels. To do so, choose fast hand stretch wrap or mini-wrap rolls. 

Get More Pallet Privacy with Colored Stretch Film

If you're looking to maximize the privacy of your pallet, using a more opaque colored stretch film may offer the security you need. Darker-colored stretch wraps can help you conceal the contents of your pallet. 

Extend the Life of Products Used Outside

If you store products outside, the right stretch film can help. The UV-protected stretch film features a special additive that can help extend the life of your product left in the sun. Without this protection, the sun's UV rays can quickly expedite the deterioration of the product's package and contents. Anyone who stores shipments outside or products outside for more than 60 days should consider the extended benefits of UV stretch film. 

Stretch Wrap Uses Include Extra Security for Rods and Reels

Stretch wrap and films can be utilized to secure items that are rolled, such as wire reels and carpeting. This is a very effective and relatively easy way to prevent unraveling or unrolling during storage and transportation. To do so, simply wrap a few layers of stretch film around the coiled or rolled material. And then, the film will naturally cling to itself to provide the security and protection you need. 

Stretch Wrap Uses That Equal Savings and Profit 

Once the stretch film is at the end of its considerable life cycle, it still has value. The majority of stretch wraps and films are made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) material. This elastic material is highly effective and recyclable, which makes it highly valuable. 

One of the most often overlooked stretch wrap uses is the ability to earn money — when market factors allow. At AAA Polymer, we offer a commercial recycling service and nationwide pickup of post commercial and post-industrial plastic scrap. Through this program, our experts will pick up your plastic scrap and pay you for it based on the market price.

Even if the market price is low and doesn't net you a profit, you will still generate significant savings. Anytime you remove plastic scrap from your trash flow, you will reduce the number of times your trash must be collected and reduce your tipping fee. Simply put, stretch wrap recycling can result in significant savings and even earn your business money. 

Contact AAA Polymer for More Innovative Stretch Wrap Uses

In the end, the number of stretch wrap uses is endless. And the team at AAA Polymer can help you think outside the box to get the most from every inch. At AAA Polymer, we are the leading provider of stretch film solutions:

  • Machine stretch film

  • Hand stretch film

  • Custom stretch film

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  • Stretch film recycling

  • And more

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