How Your Company Can Save Thousands by Switching to the Right Can Liner

How Your Company Can Save Thousands by Switching to the Right Can Liner

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Jun 21

If you're using the wrong liner, you are throwing money out with the trash! However, the experts at AAA Polymer can help. Since 1974, we have helped countless customers find the best can liner for their unique needs through our free can liner audit analysis.

Continue reading to learn how your company can save thousands by switching to the right can liner.

Don't Super Size — Choose the Right Size

Simply put, bigger isn't always better — especially when it comes to can liners. Many companies make the common mistake of purchasing a can liner that is 25% to 75% bigger than what's needed for the container.

All plastic can liners are manufactured with the raw material plastic resin. Plastic resin commonly represents 50% or more of the cost of the can liner. If your can liner is hanging more than four to six inches over the rim of the bin, you are wasting precious and valuable raw material. You may also be wasting resources if your can liner is much stronger or heavier than your application requires.

How AAA Polymer Saved a Business Thousands

In June of 2014, a large healthcare provider contacted AAA Polymer for a free can liner audit analysis. We learned they were using the 35" x 58" can liner for their 44-gallon round receptacle. Even though the 44-gallon receptacle bin is one of the most common in the U.S., many businesses use oversized liners, which results in an enormous amount of wasted money and resources.

After our complete analysis, we suggested a new low linear can liner (37" x 50") created from our proprietary high quality resin blends. Our resins offer superior strength and tear resistance, which was ideal for the client's needs. The client began saving 16% of raw material and immediately saw the savings.

Since one facility in their network purchased anywhere from 100 to 150 cases every month, they were wasting a minimum of 220 lbs. of raw material every month or 2,640 lbs. a year with their previous can liner.

After switching the client to the new low linear can liner 37" x 50", they realized savings between $4,000 to $5,000 in material cost.

If your business is using any type of slim style can, your waste quotient for using the improper liner is exponentially more - up to 44%

Key Tips from the Pros for Choosing the Perfect Can Liner

Choosing the perfect can liner means padding your bottom line and minimizing waste. If you're looking to impact your bottom line and create efficiencies, you'll be amazed at the impact of choosing the right can liner. The process is relatively straightforward and the experts at AAA Polymer are here to guide you along the way.

  1. Select the proper type of can liner for your specific needs. In general, we offer two different types of liners:
    1. Linear low density can liners are more opaque and have a heavier feel
    2. High density can liners may feel leaner and be able to holder more weight at lower gauges.
  2. Ask and answer the right questions. Will you be throwing away sharp objects?
    1. If you will not be throwing away sharp objects, you may want to choose high density can liners.
    2. If you will be throwing away sharp objects, linear low can liners are recommended.
  3. Decide the container or containers the can liner will need to fit. It's important to minimize overhang, and it shouldn't exceed anything more than four or six inches. Any overhang in excess of this is wasted money and material. You can find the gallon capacity of your container printed on the receptacle.
  4. Determine the amount of weight each can liner will need to hold. The best way to estimate the weight is to base it on a full can liner in your environment.

Contact AAA Polymer for a Free Can Liner Audit Today

At AAA Polymer, saving money on your can liners starts with our free can liner audit. Our highly experienced representatives conduct free can liner audits for all of our high volume clients, such as healthcare providers, retail locations, restaurants, warehouses, educational institutions, and much more. One of the most common findings is clients purchase out of date specifications and fail to optimally match their applications or waste container sizes.

Since 1974, we have deeply studied a virtually endless list of trash receptacle sizes and applications. Out of our research, we have developed proprietary perfect-fit solutions for each and would love to extend our expertise to your business.

Contact AAA Polymer today for a free can liner audit to learn how we may be able to save your business thousands.

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