How to Choose the Best Trash Bags for Your Business?

How to Choose the Best Trash Bags for Your Business?

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Jun 28

When it comes to choosing the best trash bag for your business, there are no universal solutions. In fact, it's best to have a different type of trash bag based on the specific business application and based on where the trash bag will be used. For instance, you wouldn't want to have the same rugged and durable trash bags you may use in the warehouse for a light-duty trash can in the bathroom. 

Choosing the wrong type of trash bag can cause unnecessary hazards and result in untimely spills. Simply put, you can take the right steps today and choose the best trash bags for your business. Let's take a closer look at a few of the most common types of trash bags and why they are most suitable for the application. 

Make Sure You Understand the Types of Trash Bag Resins

Before you choose any trash bag, it's critical you understand the resins. The trash bag resin is the raw material used to manufacture the trash bag. In general, you can choose between high density vs low density trash bags

Low Density Polyethylene Trash Bags

Although low density polyethylene is an older resin, you can still find it being used in lower end utility trash bags. However, low density polyethylene has been largely replaced by linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)

Linear Low Density Polyethylene Trash Bags

LLDPE is extremely puncture and tear resistant. These properties make LLDPE trash bags most effective for applications where extra strength or stretch is required. If you need a trash bag to handle sharp edges or jagged edges, you'll be best suited with LLDPE trash bags.  As the most common type of trash bag used in business today, LLDPE trash bags are:

  • Deliver maximum puncture and stretch resistance
  • Excellent for multi-purpose applications
  • Available in a range of colors

High Density Polyethylene Trash Bags 

In contrast, high density polyethylene (HDPE) trash bags boast excellent moisture protection, temperature resistance, and great strength. High density polyethylene resin trash bags are regularly used for lightweight trash, bathrooms, and paper products. However, these trash bags will tear easily if punctured. A few key highlights of HDPE trash bags include:

  • More cost efficient and can create savings per trash bags
  • Offers a great range of temperature resistance
  • They use 2/3s less petroleum raw material in the manufacturing process. 

Common Types of Trash Bags for Business

In general, there are three different trash bag categories used by businesses across all industries:

  1. Regular duty trash bags are designed for household use, some warehouse use, office, and retail use. These bags can traditionally hold up to around 40 lbs. 
  2. Tough trash bags are designed for more industrial applications. These bags offer better puncture and tear resistance and may hold up to 55 lbs of weight. 
  3. Super heavy-duty trash bags are the most durable bags and are the go-to solution for contractors. These bags offer exceptional strength with the ability to withstand punctures and up to around 65 lbs. 

Trash Bags for Deskside Applications

If you're looking for a deskside trash bags, you can probably save a few bucks by going with a high density garbage bag. These trash bags will be lightweight, strong, and more affordable with the ability to easily and securely manage deskside trash collection. 

In either case, high density deskside trash bags are best for housing trash that isn't jagged and is less likely to cause punctures. However, if you need  heavier duty can liners, you should consider more durable low density trash bags. 

Trash Bags for Restroom Applications

Whether you operate a warehouse or an office space, the bathrooms will be one of the most regularly visited spaces in your building. As a result, it's important to make sure the can liners you choose are up to the task. 

Bathroom trash bags will primarily be used for wet paper towels, used paper towels, and other lightweight items. Because of this, you may find high density can liners to be best suited. Similar to deskside trash bags, high density restroom trash bags are designed to carry heavy loads without rough edge. 

Contractor Trash Bags

If you need the heaviest-duty, most reliable trash bags, only the best contractor trash bags will do. As you can imagine, these trash bags are engineered from a high-quality low density resin at the optimum thickness or gauge

At AAA Polymer, we offer extra-strength contractor trash bags used by construction companies and landscaping companies that range from 3.0 Mil up to 6.0 Mil. These bags boast an unparalleled level of puncture and tear resistance. 

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Trash Bags for Your Business

AAA Polymer is proud to offer the best trash bags for businesses across all industries. Our experienced team members will carefully listen to your business needs and guide you to the best trash bags for your business. 

Contact us today to find the most ideal trash bags for your business.

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