How UV Stabilized Stretch Wrap Film Helps with Outside Storage

How UV Stabilized Stretch Wrap Film Helps with Outside Storage

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Feb 19

If you store pallets of products outside or have products that may be sensitive to sunlight, AAA Polymer's UV stabilized stretch wrap film can offer the additional protection you need. Even if you don't intend on storing pallets of products outside, it's always a good to use UV stabilized stretch wrap film.  

Normal stretch wrap as well as the product underneath can be broken down by the UV radiation when stored outdoor. As a matter of fact, the majority of stretch films that are not UV stabilized will start to degrade within 30 days of outdoor storage. Because of its exceptional ability to withstand the sun's UV rays and protect the underlying products, you can find UV stabilized stretch wrap film used across an array of industries and applications, including:

  • Construction industry and construction sites;
  • Landscaping industry to protect pavers and fencing;
  • Building industry products, such as bricks, cement, tiles, etc.;
  • Bagged products stored outside for extended use; and
  • And more

Let's take a closer look at how UV stabilized stretch wrap film or stretch film with a UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitor) additive helps protect pallets from exposure to the sun.  

How Does UV Stabilized Stretch Film Protect?

Whether it's called UV stabilized, UV inhibited, or UV resistant - all of these terms refer to film that has been treated with UVI. UV stabilized stretch wrap film works very similar to the way to sunscreen protects your skin. This film has an additive that protects the plastic from breaking down under UV light.

Normal stretch film is engineered from polyethylene plastic that quickly degrades whenever it is exposed to UV light. This degradation results in the plastic stretch wrap losing it's cling ability and stretch ability, which makes the film virtually ineffective.

Similar to regular film, UV stabilized stretch wrap film is clear. The additive is actually added during the manufacturing of the film. Once added, the UV inhibitors may be able to protect films anywhere from nine months up to a year from premature breakdown — depending on the number of revolutions and the amount of stretch wrap used.  

Why Choose UV Inhibited Stretch Wrap Film?

Unless specifically treated, most plastics will begin to deteriorate in direct sunlight. Overtime, the physical composition of the film will begin to change, going from yellowing to chalking to discoloration to the complete breakdown.

In addition, exposure to UV rays also weakens the strength and holding ability of the film. However, UV stabilized stretch wrap films are specifically treated during the film extruding process to significantly slow the breakdown of the film.  

Key Stretch Film Facts

  1. The majority of stretch wrap films will absorb particular UV wavelengths, which causes them to chemically degrade.
  2. Most standard stretch films will degrade within several months of UV exposure.
  3. The degradation of stretch film is visible featuring, chalking, yellowing, discoloration, and ultimately decomposition.
  4. Unless your stretch film has a UV inhibitor additive, it will degrade in less than a year with continuous sun exposure.

Opaque UV Resistant Stretch Wrap Film

In addition to the breakdown of the plastic stretch film, another typical problem is the breakdown of the underlying product. While some products may not degrade in sunlight when stored for less than a year, other products may breakdown very rapidly.

If your products are sensitive to the sun's UV rays, an opaque stretch film with a UV additive may be the better alternative. An opaque UV stabilized stretch wrap film protect your product and protect the film from breakdown under the sun's rays. In either case, blocking out sunlight will significantly extend the life of products stored outside.

Contact AAA Polymer for UV Stabilized Stretch Wrap Films

UV stabilized stretch wrap films are excellent for palletizing products for long periods of time when outside. As the leader in providing stretch wrap solutions, AAA Polymer offers UV stabilized stretch wrap films that are in stock and available for immediate shipment. We also offer a range of different opaque UV stabilized stretch wrap films that can withstand the UV rays from the sun and offer protection for the underlying product.

Are you unsure which stretch film is the best? The experts at AAA Polymer offer decades of experience helping warehouses, business owners, and distribution centers lower costs by choosing the best stretch film. Simply tell us about your application, your needs, and goals. Then, we'll help guide you to the best stretch film solution.

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