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EcoSupreme Hand Stretch Wrap

As the vendor of Sigma Stretch Film's cutting-edge products, AAA Polymer offers the entire line of EcoSupreme hand stretch film and hand stretch wraps. Sigma-Stretch Film is known throughout the world for producing the most consistent and reliable stretch film.

EcoSupreme and EcoSupreme 2 are two of the manufacturer's newest premium grade stretch films designed to accommodate all applications where you need hand stretch film. Continue reading to learn more about why EcoSupreme hand films are one of the most economical and versatile solutions on the market.

EcoSupreme Hand Stretch Film

EcoSurpeme and EcoSupreme 2 are engineered with a special orientation, which delivers stronger film at remarkably thinner gauges. They feature ultra-light rolls and core extensions to reduce wrapper fatigue among your employees and make rolls easier to handle.

With reinforced edges, EcoSupreme delivers unrivaled load-holding tear resistance and force.

Regardless of the gauge, EcoSupreme is designed to outperform all competitive hand film.

As a matter of fact, it's strong enough for B and several C loads.

Bolstered by low cost-case prices and low on-the-load costs, EcoSupreme is remarkably economical. And when your business uses less film per load, you will save money and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

EcoSupreme Hand Stretch Film Applications

EcoSupreme is uniquely designed to accommodate a long list of applications. Whether you're using EcoSupreme or EcoSupreme 2, some of the most common applications include:

  • Internal Wrapping
  • Colder Environments
  • Grocery Distribution Centers and Warehouses
  • Food Processors
  • Boxed Products
  • And Virtually All Load Profiles

AAA Polymer offers EcoSupreme and EcoSupreme 2 in the following sizes: (There are more sizes)

Applying EcoSupreme Hand Stretch Film

Applying EcoSupreme hand film is simple and hassle free. Read the step-by-step instructions to learn how to apply EcoSupreme:

Get started by:

  1. Tucking the end of the film between the tie to the skid or boxes. Make sure one hand is positioned on the skid on the top of the roll, while the other hand is on the bottom.
  2. With your hands in the proper position, walk forward as the film unwinds next to the load. Make sure to hold the roll vertically straight - where it's parallel to the load and perpendicular to the floor.
  3. As you move alongside the load, let the roll unwind easily until you are approximately six inches from the corner.
  4. Stop walking. As you continue to firmly hold the roll, stretch the film beyond the corner to the maximum tension. Then wrap the film around the corner.

You will continue this process on all sides of your package or pallet while making sure to overlap each layer anywhere from 1" to 3" in a spiraling motion. After your load is securely wrapped, break off the film 12" past the corner and wipe it down.

Contact AAA Polymer for EcoSupreme Hand Stretch Film

Since 1974, AAA Polymer has been the premier vendor in stretch films. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best product knowledge and guidance toward the optimum product for your needs.

Contact AAA Polymer today for EcoSupreme hand film or to learn more about our products.

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