Plastic Recycling Collection for Businesses - Turn Your Trash Into Cash

Plastic Recycling

Turn your plastic trash into cash with the premier commercial plastic recycling collection service in New York at AAA Polymer. For more than four decades, we have led the way in commercial plastic collection - delivering scalable solutions for all types and sizes of business.

Businesses that partner with us typically enjoy:

  • Cash earnings for recycled plastic
  • Free plastic recycling collection
  • Reduced waste management costs
  • Improved recycling rates
  • Assurance your business is in compliance
  • Peace of mind knowing your waste is diverted away from landfills
  • Demonstration of your corporate responsibility

Whether you operate a robust 5,000 sq.-ft. warehouse or multiple 10,000 sq.-ft. warehouses throughout the New York area, AAA Polymer offers scalable solutions to remove the hassle out of recycling plastic.

Turn Plastic Trash into Cash with Plastic Recycling Collection

Plastics are an extremely versatile material that can be a valuable asset to your business - even in post production. Instead of paying increased waste management costs or possibly being fined for the improper disposal of recyclable materials, we'll create a customized solution for your business. The process is simple and starts with an free initial site survey. During the survey, one of our experienced plastic recycling collection reps will:

  1. Inspect the material to determine the type of plastic waste.
  2. Project the volume of plastic waste materials being produced.
  3. Determine if your site needs a bailing machine or compactor.
  4. Create a customized pickup schedule based on the needs of the business.

Once you have a sufficient number of bales or weight of plastic, we will return to retrieve the plastic. The plastic is transported to an AAA Polymer collection site where it is inspected and weighed.

Finally, we transform your plastic trash into cash! Most businesses have no idea the plastic they are throwing away actually has value.

Does a Business Need a Baling Machine for Plastic Recycling Collection?

It's important to understand AAA Polymer will only pick up baled plastic. If your business produces enough plastic waste but doesn't have a baling machine, we can help you in selecting the right type of onsite baling machine and advise you on proper setup and use.

What Types of Commercial Plastic Material Do You Recycle?

AAA Polymer will pick up your plastic waste at no cost to you and reduce your recycling costs. Although we work with a seemingly endless number of production facilities and warehouses, our most common plastic recycling collection customers are:

  • Manufacturers and other businesses that generate post-industrial plastic scrap.
  • Warehouses and facility managers that produce post-commercial plastic scrap.

Some of the most common materials we pickup and recycle include:

  • Stretch film
  • Pallet covers
  • Bakery rack covers
  • Non-used plastic finished goods packaging
  • And more

Visit our Recyclable Plastic Materials page to learn more about the types of plastics we recycle.

Benefits of AAA Polymer Plastic Recycling Collection Service

By partnering with AAA Polymer for commercial plastic recycling, you can turn your trash into cash and create a competitive advantage. Some of the most common benefits enjoyed by AAA Polymer include:

  • Earn Cash - Instead of paying to have your plastic hauled from your business, you can earn money with free plastic recycling collection.
  • Save Time - You no longer have to worry with the logistics of recycling. We will conduct a free site assessment and strategize a schedule best suited for your business.
  • Save Money - By taking plastics out of your trash can, you can reduce the overall volume of trash. This reduces the cost of hauling trash to the site and lowers your tipping fee.
  • Protect the Environment - Protecting the environment has never been easier! Simply contact AAA Polymer and demonstrate your commitment to the sustainability of the earth.
  • Job Creation - Did you know the recycling industry requires a significantly larger workforce than waste management? The University of Stanford reports for every job created in recycling collection, an impressive eight are created for manufacturing the recovered materials.
  • Improve Corporate Image - Consumers love to know the companies they support are socially responsible and recycling. You can promote your businesses recycling ventures and wear it like a badge of honor.
  • Meet Legal Obligations - Businesses in certain industries may have a legal responsibility for the disposal of their plastics, and AAA Polymer will work to ensure your organization remains in compliance by providing the proper Certification of Destruction documentation.

Contact AAA Polymer for Free Plastic Recycling Collection

Are you ready to turn your plastic trash into green cash? If so, AAA Polymer is here to help. We take a great pride in helping businesses in New York and beyond earn cash for their trash while demonstrating their corporate responsibility.

Since 1974, AAA Polymer has been the premier plastic recycling collection service offering free plastic recycling collection. Getting started is easy! Simply contact AAA Polymer, and we will schedule a brief consultation.

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