How to Set Up a Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling Program for Marinas

How to Set Up a Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling Program for Marinas

The Challenges That Marinas Face with Boat Shrink Wrap

The amount of shrink wrap used to cover a boat for winter storage can be hundreds to even over 1000 square feet with every 2400 square feet of shrink weighing in at about 80 pounds. Boat shrink wrap is flexible yet very sturdy, designed to protect boats from harsh weather conditions and keep them dry until the shrink wrap is removed.

For marinas that are storing dozens or possibly upwards of 200 or more boats during the off-season, the total amount of boat shrink wrap that will eventually need to be disposed of could be in the thousands of pounds of environmentally-damaging waste!

For marinas, disposing of this large amount of shrink wrap can be very costly and is typically offloaded onto their customers in the form of fees.

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What We Offer

AAA Polymer is the largest LDPE plastic recycler and plastic bag provider in New York City. We are also the only provider that offers specialized boat shrink wrap recycling services to marinas throughout the area.

Other recycling centers either require you to bring the shrink wrap to them (this can be very costly and difficult to transport) or they simply do not accept shrink wrap in their recycling centers.

AAA Polymer will come to your location to pick up and recycle the shrink wrap. At no cost to the marina!

How to Set Up a Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling Program for Your Marina

Eliminate your marina’s boat shrink wrap disposal costs:

  1. First, give us a call and let us know how many boats are winter stored in your marina. We will then deliver to you large, clear plastic bags for the shrink wrap to go into once removed from each boat.
  2. When unwrapping and preparing the boat shrink wrap for recycling, be sure to keep it as clean as possible, limiting as much dirt or rock from getting caught up in the shrink wrap. Place the shrink wrap in the provided plastic bags.
  3. Store the filled bags in your marina in a sheltered area so that the contents don’t get wet or otherwise soiled or damaged. Ideally, they should be stored inside if possible.
  4. Once you have completed removal of all the shrink wrap from the boats in your marina, give AAA Polymer a call and we will come and pick up all the bags. We do require that you load all the bags into our truck.
  5. We will weigh the contents and provide you with the total number of pounds collected.

The Benefits of Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling

Save Time - Eliminate the need to handle the logistics of recycling on your own. We help by providing you with a free site assessment and pickup schedule suited for your marina.

Save Money - By reducing your waste by thousands of pounds, we can significantly reduce your volume of trash and the costs associated with hauling it away.

Benefit the Environment - Play your part in reducing the amount of plastics and waste in our landfills and oceans by participating in our easy recycling program.

Improve Corporate Image - Your customers will love that you are recycling the shrink wrap rather than disposing it as trash. Gain good will from your customers.

Case Study: Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling Program 

City Island Marina Shrinks Their Impact on the Environment While Reducing Expenses

Learn how City Island Marina, with storage for up to 300 boats, ran a successful test recycling program with AAA Polymer to safely accommodate their thousands of pounds shrink wrap.

Through the test, City Island Marina was able to:

  • Contribute to a greener environment for their outdoor-loving customers
  • Remove the annual shrink wrap removal fee they charge their customers
  • Save on the annual operational costs having to do with shrink wrap disposal 

Read the City Island Marina case study here.

Why AAA Polymer for Recycling

As the only plastics recycling provider in the New York City area that has a program especially designed for marinas, we are your go-to source for disposing the thousands of pounds of annual boat shrink wrap in an eco-friendly way that also provides additional benefits to your marina. 

We make the process easy and will work with you to ensure that your marina remains in compliance with any applicable regulations that may require you to dispose of plastics properly, while also providing you with the proper Certification of Destruction documentation.

Start Your Marina Recycling Program

Whether large or small, contact AAA Polymer to find out how easy it is for your marina to begin a successful boat shrink wrap program that will benefit the environment, your business, and your customers. 

Contact AAA Polymer today for a free site analysis.

Once you're part of our program, be sure to familiarize yourself with the do's and don'ts of shrink wrap recycling at marinas.

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