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Stretch Film

At AAA Polymer, we offer a variety of stretch film, stretch wrap film, and shrink film for virtually any and every application. We offer such an expansive array of products to ensure we meet the broad range of our client's needs.

Our vast offering of hand film, machine film, and custom film is competitively priced and offer unparalleled puncture and tear resistance. Our products also offer excellent cling that ensures solid protection for regular and hard-to-hold loads.

We stock high-quality stretch film or shrink film in varying gauges to meet a virtually endless list of application needs, including:

  • Replacing strapping tape and twine
  • Securely bundling products together for in-plant transportation
  • Stretch wrapping products on pallets

When choosing the best stretch film for your facility, the experts at AAA Polymer will guide you through the process.

When Should I Use Stretch Film?

In many instances, stretch film is used to hold products and boxes together on pallets for transportation. It can also be used to protect objects during storage and transportation as well as hold individual objects together. AAA Polymer offers a diverse selection of stretch films, such as colored stretch films, vented pallet wrap, and much more.

However, one of the first decisions you should make is whether you should use blown stretch film or cast stretch film.

Blown Stretch Film

Blown stretch wrap or blown stretch film is manufactured by blowing heated resin into a bubble vertically. Afterwards, the bubble is morphed into rolls as it is cooled by the surrounding air. The most typical characteristics of blown stretch film are:

  • Hazy
  • Dull
  • Great puncture resistance
  • Noisy unwind
  • High force on load

It requires ample force to stretch blown film because it will always want to return to it's original size. As a result of this, it produce high holding power. This film is tear resistant, comes two-sided cling, is easy to use, and very economical.

Cast Stretch Film

Cast film, cast stretch film, or cast stretch wrap is designed by feeding a sheet of heated resin and a rolling path with chilled rollers. The cooling effect solidifies the film, which is then made into large rolls. Cast film will easily stretch, but shrinking back to the original size is minimal. The most common attributes of cast film are:

  • Hazy
  • Glossy, clear appearance
  • Excellent optics
  • Consistent film thickness
  • Optimized tear resistance
  • Quiet unwind
  • Continual cling

Even though cast stretch film does secure its load, it's more likely to allow the product to shift during transit - especially if the film has been stretched excessively. This type of film has cling on both sides, and the cling may cause it to stick to other pallets during transit, which may result in tearing. However, AAA Polymer does offer one-sided cling cast film to meet your specific application needs.

Cast Stretch Film vs Blown Stretch Film

Use our simple film comparison chart for a side-by-side analysis of cast stretch film and blown stretch film.

Cast Stretch FilmBlown Stretch Film
Film MemoryMinimal ability to return to original state after being stretchedHigher ability to return to original state after being stretched.
Visual ClarityExtremely clear to make scanning and reading easyNot crystal clear that can make scanning and reading harder
GlossHigher gloss that can create annoying reflectionsLower gloss and minimal reflections
Load RetentionEasily stretches - even after being applied which can result in shiftingOffers superior holding power. Will not re-stretch after being applied
Puncture ResistanceIf stretched too much, standard tearing can occurOffers most resistance to breakage and tears
Film ClingOffered in two-sided cling, but you can order one-sided cling for specific needs.Offered in two-sided cling
Unwind NoiseExtremely quiet on unrollNoisier when releasing from roll

Hand Film, Machine Film, and Custom Film

Hand Film, Machine Film, and Custom Film

After you have decided between cast film or blown film, the next step is to determine whether you need hand film, machine film, or specialized custom film based on the application.

Hand Film and Manual Stretch Film

As the name suggests, manual stretch film or hand film is designed to be applied by hand. Our hand stretch film rolls are available in a range of widths and can be applied with or without a stretch film dispenser.

In either case, AAA Polymer's hand stretch film is uniquely manufactured to apply easily and quickly. This product delivers superior performance, extensive strength, and the unparalleled ability to keep your palatalized items secure and safe.

Visit our hand film page to learn more about the types of product we offer.

Machine Stretch Wrap Film

In contrast to hand stretch film, machine stretch film or stretchable automatic film is engineered to be applied with a piece of equipment. We offer a complete selection of versatile machine film for virtually all stretch wrap machines including:

  • Turntable stretch wrap machines
  • Straddle stretch wrap machines
  • Horizontal stretch wrap machines
  • And more

Visit the AAA Polymer machine stretch wrap film page to learn more.

Custom Film

Does your business need a special film to meet an application need? If so, AAA Polymer will help you find the best film and the best value - regardless of your needs. We specialize in delivering hard-to-find custom film in a variety of colors, UVI film, and much more.

Visit the AAA Polymer custom stretch film page to learn more.

Contact AAA Polymer for Stretch Film

Whether you know the type and size of stretch film you need or if you are just getting started, the experts at AAA Polymer can help. We offer decades of experience helping business owners and facility managers choose the most economical film for their application needs.

Contact an AAA Polymer expert today for stretch film or stretch wrap film.

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