The Do's and Don'ts of Shrink Wrap Recycling at Marinas

The Do’s and Don’ts of Shrink Wrap Recycling at Marinas

By AAA Polymer | Shrink Wrap

Apr 17

AAA Polymer's plastic recycling program aims to minimize the environmental impact of shrink wrap used at local marinas.

Once we establish if your marina fits the parameters to be involved in this boat shrink wrap recycling program, we will provide each marina with large clear plastic bags for collecting clean shrink wrap. There will be enough bags for each boat on the marina lot ensuring that the plastic film is effectively recycled.

In this article, we will outline the Do's and Don'ts of taking the shrink wrap off boats and putting it into the provided recycling bags.

The Do’s of Shrink Wrap Recycling at Marinas

  • Place shrink wrap directly into the clear plastic bags provided by AAA Polymer. Roll the wrap before putting it into the bag to ensure it remains clean.

  • If polypropylene string is used for keeping the shrink wrap on the boat, you can Include the string if it is still attached to the shrink wrap. If it falls off and is on the ground by itself, dispose of the string separately in the garbage.

  • If a boat has a vent within the shrink wrap, you can include it in the bag.

  • You can fill the clear plastic bags with shrink wrap from more than one boat; however, each marina will have a bag for each boat.

  • Once all the boat’s shrink wrap is bagged, contact AAA Polymer for a timely pickup. Remember, loading the bags onto a AAA Polymer truck is the responsibility of the marina staff.

The Don’ts of Shrink Wrap Recycling at Marinas

  • Do not include carpet or rubber padding found on boat supports in the clear plastic bags.

  • Avoid dragging the shrink wrap across the parking lot, as gravel and dirt can contaminate the plastic.

  • Do not use a dumpster for shrink wrap disposal. This will result in contamination from other trash, making the plastic worthless for recycling.

  • Do not wait too long before placing the shrink wrap into the plastic bags. The quicker the wrap is placed in the bag, the less contamination will occur.

Working Together for a Cleaner Environment

By following these simple Do's and Don'ts of shrink wrap recycling at marinas, your marina can play a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of boat shrink wrap.

With the support of AAA Polymer and responsible marina staff, we can ensure that the plastic film is recycled effectively and prevent unnecessary waste.

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