5 Different Types of Commercial Can Liners & What to Look for in Each!

5 Different Types of Commercial Can Liners & What to Look for in Each!

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Jun 07

When it comes to choosing the best type of commercial can liner, there are hardly ever one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, it's best to choose a commercial can liner based on the application and where the can liner will be used.

Selecting the wrong type of can liner can result in timely spills as well as the creation of unnecessary hazards. Simply put, by taking the right steps today and choosing the best commercial can liner for the applications, you could save time, money, and much more. Continue reading to learn more about a few of the most common types of commercial can liners and what to look for in each.

Deskside Commercial Can Liners

Whether you're looking for large trash bags for an office recycling bin or small deskside commercial can liners, the experts at AAA Polymer will help you find the perfect solution. Although you may never think about the importance of the right deskside commercial can liner, we can help you choose the right bag thickness (gauge), style, and size.

What to Look for in Commercial Can Liners for Desks?

When choosing a commercial can liner for desks, we regularly suggest high density garbage bags. These affordable, strong, and lightweight can liners are perfect for deskside trash collection. These can liners are best suited for trash that will not cause punctures. If you need heavier duty can liners, consider low density commercial can liners for desks.

Restroom Commercial Can Liners

The bathrooms are one of the most frequently visited spaces in your building. Because of this, it's one of the last places you would ever want to have failed can liners. While most of the contents will be used paper towels, wet paper towels and other personal items can increase the stress on the can liner.

What to Look for in Commercial Can Liners for Bathrooms?

It's vital to ensure your commercial can liners for restrooms are up to the task. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone! The experts at AAA Polymer will take all of the essentials into consideration and help you choose the best high density or low density garbage bag.

Parks and Public Area Commercial Can Liners

Let's face it — people are messy. Any place where there are several people, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a lot of trash. Fortunately, conveniently placed public area trash cans are the ideal way to keep your business, mall, park or other high traffic area as clean as possible.

What to Look for in Commercial Can Liners for Public Areas?

Avoiding messy spills and leaks should be the top priority when choosing public area commercial can liners. It's important the can liners fit properly, are constructed out of the best material, and thick enough to withstand the use.

100% Recycled Commercial Can Liners

Are you looking to close the loop on your business's recycling efforts? If so, AAA Polymer offers can liners made with certified recycled material. Our can liners are crafted from the highest quality Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) content. These can liners offer the same strength and quality you'd expect from can liners made from virgin plastic resins.

Bottle Bag Commercial Can Liners

AAA Polymer is the proud original manufacturer for the Original Bottle Bag. We create these innovative solutions from a proprietary blend of resins that work to keep your costs low; while being tough enough to ensure the job is done properly.

What to Look for in Commercial Bottle Bags?

While other types of bottle bags may not be up to the task, our Original Bottle Bag is uniquely engineered to meet the application demands. These one-size-fits-all bottle redemption bags are 35" x 52", which is the approved standard size.

Featuring a flat seal to protect from spills, the Original Bottle Bag is uniquely designed to resist cuts and punctures. In addition, each commercial bottle bag comes with a printed fill line, so you'll always know when the bag is full.

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Commercial Can Liners

Since 1974, AAA Polymer has been on the forefront of providing world-class solutions to customers throughout the east coast and beyond. In addition to the previously mentioned types of commercial can liners, we also offer 100% compostable can liners by Heritage BioTuf. These innovative can liners are the perfect solution for New York's Waste Diversion Program.

However, if you're looking for regular desk-side can liners, restroom can liners, kitchen commercial can liners, or any other type; the experts at AAA Polymer will help you choose the perfect can liner to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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