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Feb 06

Why Certified Destruction Is Essential for Brand Protection

By AAA Polymer | Certified Destruction

Branding is one of the most critical aspects of any business, large or small. However, maintaining and protecting your brand’s integrity is equally important. A primary aspect of this protection is a process known as certified destruction.Understanding Brand ProtectionBrand protection refers to the process and set of actions a company takes to prevent third parties […]

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Oct 17

4 Benefits of Certified Destruction Every Business Should Know

By AAA Polymer | Certified Destruction , Plastic Shredding

A growing number of warehouses and manufacturing facilities are beginning to look into the benefits of Certified Destruction for their business. Imagine if thousands of your plastic labels or plastic stretch wrap emblazoned with your logo and product information was recalled.How could you safely destroy each one?How could you be sure that none of the […]

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