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Hooder Film
Apr 25

Which Industries Are Best for Hooder Film?

By AAA Polymer | Uncategorized

When it comes to finding the best hooder film for your specific industry, AAA Polymer will guide you to the best solution. Stretch hoods have quickly become one of the fastest growing packaging and pallet stabilization systems. Currently, North American volumes of stretch hooder film average around 60 million pounds per year with a projected […]

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Hooder Film & Shrink Hooder Film
Apr 22

Unraveling the Confusion Surrounding Hooder Film & Shrink Hooder Film

By AAA Polymer | Uncategorized

If you wrap large volumes of palletized products, you may benefit from considering stretch hooder film. In either case, choosing the best pallet packaging method can significantly impact your facility’s sustainability, profitability, and distribution chain performance. Until now, we’ve produced several blogs and educational resources on conventional spiral stretch wrapping. In addition to a full range […]

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Make Your Business Greener
Oct 11

Top 4 Actionable Ways to Make Your Business Greener Today

By AAA Polymer | Uncategorized

Across the nation, savvy building owners and managers are utilizing different ways to make their business greener. These industry leaders are leveraging the cost savings of going green to create a competitive advantage. Going green explains whenever your warehouse, distribution center, or business makes a concerted effort to reduce the negative impact of doing business. Going […]

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