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Stretch Film vs Hooder Film
Apr 25

Wrapping It Up! Stretch Film vs Hooder Film

By Michael Kralstein | Stretch Wrap

We get it — the specifics of pallet packaging isn’t always the most glamourous or even straightforward. Even so, understanding the differences between stretch film vs hooder film can truly affect your bottom line.  Fortunately, the experts at AAA Polymer offer decades of experience helping warehouse and distribution center operators unravel the key benefits of […]

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Machine Stretch Film
Jan 31

Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Machine Stretch Film

By Michael Kralstein | Stretch Wrap

Machine stretch film is designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine. Machine stretch film provides a range of advantages over hand stretch film, includingReduced packaging materials cost,Faster and more efficient packaging,Wrapping of more secure loads,Safer stretch film application, and more.In the machine stretch film world, the farther your load will travel and the […]

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