6 Ways to Keep Trash Bag from Slipping

6 Ways to Keep Trash Bag from Slipping

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Jun 07

While trash cans and trash bags were seemingly meant to work in perfect harmony, this is hardly ever the case. After the commercial trash bags start filling up, a very annoying phenomenon happens: your can liner falls in.

Depending on the type of trash you or your employees have tossed in the can, fishing around inside a pile of God knows what to retrieve an edge of a bag is a very, very unpleasant task. In addition, the slipping trash bag also results in wasted time having to clean trash cans. To prevent this extremely gross, but common situation from being the reality, you can try one or more of the following methods to keep trash bags from slipping.

Choose the Best Size Can Liner to Help Keep the Trash Bag from Slipping

Although this may seem simple, the first step to keeping your trash bag from slipping is to choose the shape and size of can liner. Trash can receptacles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will usually be:

  1. Circle trash can receptacles

  2. Rectangle trash can receptacles

  3. Square trash can receptacles

  4. Half-circle trash can receptacles

Once you know the shape of your can liner, the next step is to figure the right size. While choosing a trash bag based on the gallon capacity seems logical, it’s not. Consider a 48 gallon toter trash can would actually need a 65 gallon trash bag. Because of this, it’s best to use AAA Polymer’s guide for How to Choose the Right Can Liner.

Tie a Knot to Keep the Trash Bag from Slipping

Virtually everyone has seen the old knot-in-a-bag trick to keep the trash bag from slipping. While this method is regularly used, we’ve found this practice to work best with high density can liners because they’re easier to tie and adjust the knots. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start out by tying a smaller knot in the corner of the bag. Make sure you tie the knot prior to placing the bag in the can, and you should avoid tying the knot too tightly. Leaving a little slack will allow you to make adjustments if necessary.

  2. Place the bag inside of the trash receptacle. Then stretch the bag over the lip of the bin.

And voila! You’ve tied a knot to keep the trash bag from slipping.

Is it as easy as it sounds? Yes! However, you’ll most likely need to practice it a few times to determine the best place to tie the bag. In addition,

Extra-Large Rubber Bands to Keep Trash Bags from Slipping

While Command Hooks and knot-tying are both effective, the quickest and easiest way to keep the trash bag from slipping is with extra-large rubber bands. Simply, take a rubber band and slip it over the overhang on the trash can’s rim. This easy solution will secure the bag in place as well as keeping your trash can clean.

Large Binder Clips Will Help Prevent Trash Bags from Slipping

Binder clips are quintessential items in virtually any office. However, these versatile clips also work well in keeping your trash bag clamped to the rim of receptacle — leaving no chance for slippage.

You can find large binder clips at Walmart, Office Max, and any other office supply store. Make sure to purchase the larger binder clips that measure at least two inches. And most large binder clips will not interfere with a lid as long as you fold the metal bars down.

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