Are Trash Bags for Compactors Really Necessary?

Are Trash Bags for Compactors Really Necessary?

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Apr 16

Many business owners looking to save a buck often ask "Are trash bags for compactors really necessary?" In short, the answer is a resounding "yes!" Although can liners and trash bags are a practical way to house and enclose a variety of trash and contents, using regular bags when trash bags for compactors are more suitable can create hazards and cause your employees to  do more work than necessary.

Regular high density and low density bags designed for everyday trash can vary in strength, but the extreme force required by trash bags for compactors requires for it to have its own special bag. Continue reading to learn more about why trash bags for compactors are truly necessary and where you can find the best trash bags for compactors.

Why Are Trash Bags for Compactors Necessary?

Understanding why trash bags for compactors are essential hinges on your understanding of how trash compactors work. Trash compactors use substantial amounts of force to compress trash, including glass jars, cans, paper, plastic containers, bottles, sweepings, wrappings, and even some food waste. Every time the container is approximately half full, the trash compactor smashes the trash down to allow you to have more space and add more trash until the bag is completely full.

Due to the extreme pressure applied by a trash compactor, it's critical to have a bag engineered to withstand this amount of force. For instance, most trash bags for compactors are at least partially made of plastic and boast a myriad of tear resistance as well as moisture resistance. Trash bags for compactors are specifically designed to easily carry 30, 40, or even 50 pounds of trash. As you can understand, this weight capacity is substantially higher than any typical trash bag.

High Density & Low Density Regular Commercial Bags

In general, regular commercial can liners will be either low density or high density can liners. High density (HDPE) can liners are thinner and not puncture resistant. These are the can liners you'll find handling lighter duty trash like restroom waste, shredded paper, and office paper. In contrast, low density commercial can liners are thicker, flexible, and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing.  While high density commercial can liners are tough, they are not tough enough to handle the weight requirements and puncture resistance needed for compactors.

Low density (LDPE) can liners are more suitable for yard trash, construction debris, and kitchen trash.  Low density can liners are the ideal bag for handling your trash compactor needs.

Trash Bags for Compactors vs Commercial Trash Bags

Similar to buying regular trash bags and can liners, compactor trash bags can be purchased at different levels of durability and sizes. However, this where the similarities between compactor trash bags and normal commercial can liners end.

Because of the added durability requirements, compactor bags are usually either enhanced low density can liners — custom linear low density trash bags — that are heavy weight. Compactor trash bags are usually engineered with a tubular construction which reduces breakage on the side seams.

Trash bags for compactors are available in black as well as clear and have the greatest resistance to tears and punctures. The standard commercial trash bag may tear if there are sharper objects in the trash like branches or twigs.

In contrast, heavy duty trash compactor bags are engineered to resist breakage. If you were to use a standard commercial can liner in a compactor, it will most likely burst, puncture, or tear because it wasn't designed to withstand this type of pressure or weight.

AAA Polymer Offers the Best Compactor Trash Bag

AAA Polymer offers a range of different sizes and types of compactor trash bags. Our heavyweight bags and low density compactor trash bags are engineered to eliminate breakage thanks to an ultra-reliable tubular construction.

These bags offer exceptional resistance to tears and punctures, and we can suggest a compactor trash bag that is best suited for sharper objects. For instance, if your compactor regularly handles rough food waste like shells and crab legs as well as broken glass, we can guide you to the most effective trash bag for compactor.

Contact AAA Polymer for Compactor Trash Bags

Don't make the mistake of using a regular commercial trash bag in your compactor. It almost always results in hazardous spills, which takes even more time to clean up. Instead, it's best to choose the right compactor trash bag from the beginning.

AAA Polymer offers a full inventory of high-quality, reliable trash bags for compactors. Our compactor trash bags are engineered to fit most compactors, and we'll guide you to the best solution based on your equipment and the types of trash the bag will hold.

Contact AAA Polymer today for the best trash bags for compactors.

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