How Can Businesses Cash In on the Benefits of Compostable Bags

How Can Businesses Cash In on the Benefits of Compostable Bags

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Oct 16

The long list of business benefits of compostable bags or compostable bags continue to grow. These bags are made of vegetable matter, such as potato starch or cornstarch. Once these bags are exposed to enough moisture, they will start the process of composting — along with whatever other organic materials you have inside of them.

A growing number of businesses through the New York City area are choosing the benefits of compostable bags over conventional plastic. Continue reading to learn why more and more AAA Polymer customers are choosing to enjoy the benefits of compostable bags.  

Compostable Bag Benefits That Save Money  

Did you know that approximately 3.2 million tons of waste is sent to landfills every year that could be diverted into compost? If you're a restaurateur or other business that produces large amounts of food waste, throwing your food into the trash could be costing your business thousands of tens of thousands or more in waste shipping costs.

By removing organic materials from your waste and starting a commercial organic recycling program, you will almost immediately slash your monthly waste management. Organic wastes is loaded with moisture, which only increases the overall weight of your trash. AAA Polymer can work with you to help you right-size your trash and get the most value by maximizing container size, choosing compostable bags, and reducing the number of pickups.

Benefits of Compostable Bags on the Brand Image

One of the lesser talked about business benefits of compostable bags is the green image it can project to your customer. Today, a growing number of customers are appreciating and favoring business that make efforts to protect the environment.

A Nielsen global online study found that approximately 51% of Baby Boomers will pay more for products and services from companies who are committed to social change and environmental impact. If you're looking for ways to increase profits and impact your bottom line, utilizing compostable bags and sharing your organization's green initiatives may be a excellent way to get started.

Reduce Carbon Brand's Carbon Footprint

One of the most commonly talked about compostable bag benefits is the reduction of the brand's carbon footprint. Unlike regular plastic, compostable bags use minimal carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Regular plastics and plastic bags are produced from oil and create a jaw-dropping four tons of emissions, while compostable bags and compostable bags emit a mere .8 tons of carbon. As you can see, the manufacturing of compostable bags contributes nominally to global warming and the greenhouse effect.

Compostable Bags Save Precious Landfill Space

When non-compostable plastics are discarded, they're simply taken to landfills where they can remain for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Instead of using this precious land to create food, for parks for children, or for residences, the land is simply used to house trash.

Compostable trash bags, however, do not add to the growing amount of space reserved for landfills. Instead, these plastics can be absorbed by the soil to be converted into compost or humus.

Compostable Bags Are Safer for Environment & Recyclable

Because plastic takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, microorganisms inside of the regular plastic bag will decompose in an unnatural manner. This increases the likelihood of it producing toxic substances that can contaminate the environment.

Once these toxic and potentially harmful substances are produced, they make their way into the environment and make it intolerable for other living things. Animals at the bottom of the food chain will eat these toxic substances, and it will work it's way to the top of the food chain to cause diseases and deaths to living things.

One of the key compostable bag benefits is that they are truly compostable. This means it allows the contents to naturally biodegrade and be reintegrated into the soil without the production of toxic substances.

Contact AAA Polymer for the Benefits of Compostable Bags

At AAA Polymer, we've helped countless business owners realize the many benefits of compostable bags. It's important to understand that not all compostable bags or compostable bags are created equally, which is why we only offer the Heritage BioTuf Compostable Can Liner. These NYC-approved, 100% compostable bags are used throughout the city for the collection of organic waste.

If you're new to the benefits of compostable bags, the experts at AAA Polymer can walk you through the process, explain how it can help transform your business, and help you choose the best compostable bags for your business.

Let's talk. Contact AAA Polymer today. 

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