4 Key Attributes of the Best Bottle Redemption Bag

4 Key Attributes of the Best Bottle Redemption Bag

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Jul 13

When it comes to finding the best bottle redemption bag, they are not all created equally. In fact, AAA Polymer's Original Bottle Bag is proven to outperform other bags while creating cost efficiencies for beer distributors, bottling companies, recyclers, repossessors, grocery stores, and more. 

Since the inception of the first bottle bill, the team at AAA Polymer has been leading the way with our low-cost, high-value solution. If you're looking for the most reliable, cost-efficient, and dependable bottle redemption bag, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at AAA Polymer for the Original Bottle Bag. In the meantime, let's take a closer look at what the best bottle redemption bags all have in common. 

The Best Bottle Redemption Bags Are Exclusive

Without a doubt, one of the signs of the best bottle redemption bags is their exclusive use for the task at hand. Bottle bags should be designed to withstand the rigorous path to bottle redemption. And most standard bags are simply not up to the task. On the other hand, you may be able to choose more expensive contractor-grade bags that can do the job, but this process isn't efficient and is outright wasteful. 

With our Original Bottle Bag, we have developed a tested and proven proprietary blend of resins that are designed to exclusively perform under the strenuous conditions of bottle redemption. The best bottle redemption bag should be tough enough to boast cut-resistant properties, the perfect thickness, and cost-efficient enough to avoid unnecessary spending. In other words, the best bottle redemption bags are designed exclusively to collect and store bottles. 

The Best Bottle Redemption Bags Should Be of Standard Size

While one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work, bottle redemption bags are the exception. It's imperative your bottle redemption bag is of standard size. For most states, 35" x 52" is the standard size; while the state of Maine utilizes a 36" x 60" bag. Because this is the standard size, using a bag of any other size could—and most often will—lead to problems.

At AAA Polymer, the Original Bottle Bag is designed to meet this standard. And to further help you and bottle redeemers, each bag features a registered fill line. The line is located 12" from the top of the bag, so you will know when the bag is full when the max value is reached.  

Together the standard size bag and the printed fill line can help collectors more efficiently and properly fill bags for maximum redemption value. Because some customers do not want the fill line, we offer printed as well as unprinted bottle redemption bags. 

Bottle Redemption Bags Should Be Cut & Puncture Resistant 

Collecting empty bottles for redemption is in itself a messy job. However, when a bag fails to withstand the weight of the bottles and bursts, it can turn a messy job into an even messier affair. 

This means you or your employees will have to clean up spills, which can take them away from other functions or jobs. In the end, the bottle redemption bag you choose should include multiple features that help prevent spills and leaks. 

At AAA Polymer, our Original Bottle Bag is exclusively designed for bottle redemption — nothing else. As such, we have integrated several key features that work to prevent spills and leakage. Some of those features include:

  • Proprietary Blend of Resin. Our proprietary blend of resins is designed to be puncture-resistant to prevent messy spills and timely cleanups.
  • Linear-Low Density Bags. Each bag is engineered with high-quality, clear, low-density plastic, which is inherently designed to stretch and meet the needs of the application. In addition, our linear low-density bags provide extra resistance against tearing and puncturing. These bags offer exceptional protection against jagged edges, sharp items, and more.
  • Flat Seal. The Original Bottle Bag has a flat, two-dimensional, spill-proof seal. The flat seal is made by sealing the bottom edge of the bag, so no length is sacrificed. Throughout the industry, the flat seal is recognized as a leak-proof solution.

The Best Bottle Redemption Bags Should Save You Time & Money

If the current bag you're using doesn't save you time and money, you're using the wrong bag. And when it comes to these savings, the devil is in the details. As we mentioned previously, the Original Bottle Bag includes several features and integrations that can help drive time savings and cost efficiency, such as:

  • Integrated fill line,
  • Puncture-resistant design,
  • Spill-proof seal
  • Proprietary resin blend
  • Linear-low density formulation

In addition, the Original Bottle Bag comes on a coreless roll that greatly simplifies and expedites dispensing. While you may not ever consider the amount of time that can be wasted fumbling with cumbersome bags, it can and does add up. The coreless roll also allows us to keep prices as low as possible while delivering the highest value. 

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Bottle Redemption Bag

By now, you should've gotten the message, but if not: AAA Polymer's Original Bottle Bag is the best redemption bag! And we're not the only folks who think so. For several years, we have helped beer distributors, grocery stores, and other parties make the switch from the bag they were using to the exceptional benefits of the Original Bottle Bag. And the team at AAA Polymer will do the same for you.

Contact AAA Polymer to learn more.

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