What Are the Best Garbage Bags for Manufacturing Plants?

What Are the Best Garbage Bags for Manufacturing Plants?

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Jun 24

When it comes to choosing the best garbage bags for manufacturing plants, you aren't limited by the number of options. However, in this case, more isn't necessarily better. In fact, the sheer number of garbage bags for manufacturing plants can make it more difficult to choose the most suitable option.

Fortunately, the team at AAA Polymer can help you find the right garbage bags for manufacturing plants at a reasonable price. Over the last 40 years, we've helped several business owners, facility managers, and purchasing managers reduce costs by finding the best trash bags for their company. Our decades of experience give us a special insight when it comes to understanding businesses, their budgets, and what it takes to save money regarding their specific types of waste.

Feel free to fill out our online contact form to learn all the ways we can help your business save money. In the meantime, we encourage you to learn more about choosing the best garbage bags for manufacturing plants. 

Find the Right Resin & Gauge of Garbage Bags for Manufacturing Plants

The thickness of a trash bag is known as its gauge and it is measured in units known as Mil, which equates to about one-thousandth of an inch (.001). And when it comes to manufacturing trash bags, there are only two types of resins commonly used.

High-Density Resin Trash Bags

The first is high density (HD) resin, which is typically used for lightweight trash and paper waste. If there are no sharp objects or heavy material in the bag, these can liners can withstand a fair amount of weight.

HD resins are very cost-friendly, can withstand low amounts of moisture, and can deal with relatively high degrees of heat.  Overall, their lighter construction makes them great for offices and restrooms but are not considered ideal for manufacturing plants or construction sites.

Low-Density and Linear Low-Density Resin Trash Bags

Low density (LD) and linear low density (LLD) resins on the other hand cover all the loopholes that HD resin can liners have. They can withstand heavy weights, sharp objects, and high amounts of moisture in ways HD resin can’t. In fact, LLD bags are the recommended garbage bag for manufacturing plants. These bags boast the ability to accommodate:

  • Sharp-edge metal
  • Bolts and nails
  • Glass bottles
  • Abusive transport conditions

What Is the Best Thickness for Garbage Bags for Manufacturing Plants?

When it comes to the best garbage bags for manufacturing plants, you'll be best suited to choose XX Heavy (1.3 mils to 1.9 mils) or XXX Heavy (2.0 mils to 3.0 mils) LLD gauge bags. Bags of this thickness made of linear low-density resin are designed to handle the jagged edges of trash commonly associated with manufacturing plants. In either case, the team at AAA Polymer can conduct a needs analysis to ensure you're using the best trash bag thickness for your facility

Choose the Proper Trash Bag Seal

Although most people may not consider the trash bag seal to be important, it plays a critical role in the suitability of the trash bag for manufacturing plants. In general, seals come in three different types: flat, star, and gusset.

Gusset Seal 

A gusset seal is when both sides of the bottom are tucked to the bottom to form extensions or gussets. They are reinforced on the outer edges and the middle of the bag is sealed with two layers, giving it more support. These seals tend to leak easily, so you may want to keep that in mind if liquids are involved.

Star Seal

A star seal is formed by folding the bottom of the bag several times and then sealing it, forming a cross shape. These seals are more effective at keeping in liquid and conform well to whatever container you place them in.

Flat Seal

The last and arguably most effective seal for garbage bags for manufacturing plants is the flat seal. The flat seal is simply sealed at the bottom to form a long edge. Although it does not conform as easily to containers as star seals, they are the best garbage bags for manufacturing plants because they can be used as free-standing garbage receptacles. At the same time, bags with flat seals allow the bag to be stretched out more without tearing (obviously, the gauge plays a factor too).

Contact AAA Polymer to Find the Best Garbage Bags for Manufacturing Plants

If you're looking to save money and create efficiencies, you owe it to yourself to reach out to the team at AAA Polymer. We will conduct an in-depth needs analysis to determine the best garbage bag for your facility. 

Contact AAA Polymer to learn more about how we can help create savings. 

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