Where to Find the Best Puncture Proof Trash Bags?

Where to Find the Best Puncture Proof Trash Bags?

By AAA Polymer | Compostable Bags

Apr 17

Are you a construction contractor looking for a reliable puncture proof trash bag you can trust? Or do you work in landscaping and need a puncture proof trash bag that is capable of confidently housing twigs, sticks, and other debris? Regardless of your industry, busted bags can spell wasted time and frustration — both of which can cost you and affect your profits.

By now, you've probably realized the "contractor" bags sold in stores are simply not up to the task. However, AAA Polymer offers highly-reliable puncture proof trash bags that will work as hard as you do. Continue reading to learn more about our best-selling contractor puncture proof trash bags.

Low Density Resin Makes Puncture Proof Trash Bags

If you're looking for the best puncture-resistant trash bags, make sure you're only searching for trash bags made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) or linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin. In either case, these high quality resins help make the trash bags thicker, more flexible, and more resistant to puncturing and tearing. Low density trash bags are more suitable for carrying:

  • Irregularly shaped items or jagged debris
  • Wood
  • Cardboards
  • Glass

Can High Density Resin Make Puncture-Resistant Bags?

The other type of resin commonly used to manufacture can liners is high density polyethylene (HDPE). These can liners are manufactured at lower pressures from high molecular density resins, which results in straight, tightly-packed molecules. In contrast to low density can liners, HDPE can liners are much thinner, can sound crinkly, and do not offer nearly as much puncture resistance. You can commonly find HDPE can lines being used for:

  • Restroom waste
  • Office waste
  • Shredded paper

All Low Density Trash Bags Are Not Created Equally

Unfortunately, not all low density, puncture proof trash bags are created equally. There is a huge range of capabilities within low density can liners based on the bag's thickness. In fact, the thickness or gauge of the puncture-proof trash bag can determine its strength, weight, and play a critical role in determining the bag's price.

The thickness of the bag will be measured in Mil, which is one thousandth of an inch or .001. And when it comes to the best puncture-proof trash bags, the higher the Mil count, the better it will be able to resist punctures.

Trash Bags with Good Puncture Proof Protection

The average low density trash bag you buy in the store can range from .7 Mil up to 1.1 Mil. Some trash bag manufacturers may even boast a level of puncture resistance in heavy strength trash bags that span from 1.2 Mil up to 1.7 Mil.

For example, two of the most popular options from top national store brands include a 1.05 Mil. bag and a 1 Mil bag.

However, if you're a contractor and need the best level of puncture proof trash bags, you already know these bags won't cut it. You're going to need bags with an even higher Mil count.

Better Puncture Proof Trash Bags

For the next level of puncture resistance, extra heavy strength bags have the ability to resist rips and tears from several sharp edges. These bags may be suitable for handling items with sharp corners, rough food waste, and even broken glass. Bags in this category will range from 2.0 Mil up to 2.7 Mil and offer better puncture protection than the previous class of bags.

Popular bags from national store brands are 2 Mil.

These types of bags are offered in the store and can quickly become expensive if you need more than a few.

The Best Puncture Proof Trash Bags

For the unequivocally best puncture proof trash bags, you're going to need contractor bags. With Mil counts ranging from 3.0 up to 6.0, these bags boast contractor-grade puncture resistance and tear resistance.

They are uniquely designed for super heavy rough trash like construction debris, yard debris, etc. AAA Polymer offers a range of different contractor-grade puncture proof trash bags that are tough enough to carry the heaviest of cleanup trash loads, hold the sharpest of nails, and other construction debris.

Contact AAA Polymer for Cost-Effective, Contractor-Grade, Puncture-Proof Bags

At AAA Polymer, our contractor-grade puncture-proof trash bags are the most cost effective solution for those who really need the best bags with the most puncture resistance. Instead of double bagging heavy-duty trash bags, our experienced professionals will listen to your needs and guide you to the best solution. We've helped countless customers choose the right contractor-grade trash bag and realize real savings.

Contact AAA Polymer today for our free contractor trash bag analysis.

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