How Can Warehouses and Distribution Centers Close the Loop on Recycling?

How Can Warehouses and Distribution Centers Close the Loop on Recycling?

By AAA Polymer | Closed Loop Recycling

Jul 27

Closed loop recycling explains the when your warehouse or distribution center recycles and uses products made of post-production waste or post-consumer waste content. There are three primary steps involved with a closed loop recycling system for warehouses and distribution centers:

  1. Plastic recyclables — such as stretch films, stretch wraps, and other plastics — are collected.

  2. Once collected, these plastic recyclables are processed by AAA Polymer. This processing results in the creation of recycled plastic pellets or resins, which are used to create new products.

  3. The final step in closed loop recycling for warehouses and distribution centers is to purchase products and materials made from recycled content, such as AAA Polymer’s PCR can liners.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use polyethylene (PE) materials to establish a closed loop recycling system in your warehouse, distribution center, or business.

Step One: Collecting Recyclable Materials

The first step of a closed loop recycling program for warehouses and distribution centers is the collection of recyclable materials. Plastic stretch film or plastic stretch wrap — commonly used to wrap pallets — is one of the most valuable plastics used in warehouses and distribution centers.

Since 1974, the experts at AAA Polymer have helped facilities create viable and profitable commercial recycling programs. Simply put, we will help you turn your plastic trash into cash! Our process is simple:

  1. An AAA Polymer rep will visit your facility and provide a free onsite survey to assist in capturing all of your recyclable materials.

  2. If required, we will assist in the installation of an appropriate baling machine.

  3. Once you collect a full load of plastic stretch wrap, contact your rep to schedule a pick up of your plastic recyclable materials.

  4. We transport the plastic materials back to our facility for processing and weighing.

  5. We pay you market value for your plastic recyclables.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Stretch Film Recycling in Warehouses to learn more about starting a commercial recycling program.

Step Two: Manufacturing Products with PCR

AAA Polymer offers high-quality recycled plastic resins that can be used in a wide range of products and applications. Our resins can be classified as one of two different types of material:

Post-commercial plastic is derived from warehouses and is commonly used for wrapping pallets and more.

Post-industrial is the highest-quality and cleanest materials, which never encounters human hands except in the factory. This material includes scrap plastics usually left from the manufacturing process.

Trex Postconsumer Recycled (PCR) Pellets and Content

In addition, AAA Polymer proudly offers the best products from the premier name in postconsumer resins — Trex Cardinal and Trex Spartan lines of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) pellets. These pellets have been certified by the ICC for being 100% postconsumer content material.

Trex is one of the nation's largest plastic recyclers, which empowers them to consistently deliver the quantities and quality manufacturers need at a significantly lower price. Best of all, you'll have the convenience of working with a single-source provider.

Trex Cardinal LLDPE PCR pellets are excellent for manufacturing a vast range of products, including:

  • Blown film applications,
  • Production of plastic goods,
  • Irrigation tubing,
  • arrow-right
    Grocery store bags
  • arrow-right
    Trash bags, and
  • arrow-right
    Much more

We'll work closely with you to help you think of ways you can implement PCR resins into your manufacturing processes.

Step Three: Closing the Loop

Even if your business doesn’t manufacture products, you can still find ways to close the loop on your recycling efforts by purchasing products made with recycled content. For example, you can easily implement AAA Polymer’s can liners made with postconsumer recycled content into your business to close the loop.

These can liners are made with Trex Cardinal’s 100% PCR resins and are designed to help you do what’s best for the environment — without accepting an inferior product.  AAA Polymer’s Trex Cardinal PCR can liners offer:

  • Equivalent Durability
  • Comparable Strength
  • The Same Reliability
  • arrow-right
    Equivalent Pricing

Can All Industries Start Closed Loop Recycling?

Some industries are better suited for taking advantage of closed loop recycling than other facilities. For instance, certain bottling companies can actually use recycled bottles directly back into the new bottles they create. At the same time, some manufacturers of plastics can implement their manufacturing waste into new products through the closed-loop recycling philosophy.

Contact AAA Polymer for Warehouse Closed Loop Recycling

Regardless of the type of facility you own or operate, the experts at AAA Polymer will work with you to get the most  from your recycling. We bring decades of experience helping distribution centers and warehouses create streams of income from recycling, find innovative ways to use PCR content in manufacturing, and — ultimately — close the loop.

Contact AAA Polymer today to learn more about closed loop recycling and how it can benefit your facility.

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