How Can Colored Stretch Wrap Create a Competitive Advantage?

How Can Colored Stretch Wrap Create a Competitive Advantage?

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Jan 31

Are you looking to improve the function of your warehouse or distribution center? Perhaps it's time to add a splash of color...colored stretch wrap that is! Today, you have access to a full spectrum of colored stretch wraps, including red, green, blue, yellow, white, and black. Whether you're looking for colored hand stretch wrap or colored machine stretch wrap, AAA Polymer can help.

In addition, you can choose from stretch wraps ranging from fully transparent to more opaque. Let's take a look at our two types of colored stretch wraps as well as the unique benefits offered by both.

Types of Colored Stretch Wrap

Colored stretch wrap is an excellent choice for a wide range of different types of shipments. Before we get into the many benefits of colored stretch wrap, let's look at the two different categories of colored stretch wrap.

  1. Opaque stretch wrap is an ideal choice for products that would benefit from additional security and/or protection from UV rays. You can find opaque stretch wraps in both black and white colors. Once you've wrapped the pallet a few times, the contents of the pallet will be difficult to see.

  2. Colored stretch wraps are transparent films that allow the contents of the pallet to be seen after several revolutions. AAA Polymer offers colored stretch wraps in a wide array of colors including blue, red, green, orange, and yellow.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's take a deeper dive into how some of the top businesses, warehouses, and distribution centers use colored stretch wraps to create competitive advantages.

Colored Stretch Wrap Can Improve Brand Recognition

When considering whether to use colored stretch wrap, make sure you think of how it can benefit your brand. In most instances, it represents an excellent opportunity to spread brand awareness. To do so, choose one color that is associated with your brand. Then, only use this color with all of your palletized products to create a uniform look.

Once your product is shipped to customers, they will begin to expect pallets with this specific color and begin to associate it with your brand. So every time anyone in the warehouse walks by a blue pallet, they are more likely to associate it with your brand.

Colored Stretch Wrap Adds Exclusivity to Your Product

Regardless of the product you're offering, the market is pretty competitive and shows very few — if any  — signs of slowing down. Colored stretch wrap allows you to infuse an element of exclusivity to your product, which includes making your product stand out from other vendors. While other vendors and competitors may ship their product in standard stretch wrap, your product will stand out from the crowd with colored stretch wrap.

Colored Stretch Wrap Simplifies Organization  

Even before you create a competitive advantage in the marketplace, you can use colored stretch wrap in your warehouse or distribution center to create efficiencies. Color coding products is an effective and simple way for managers to keep a visual track of different products. You can keep items separated, so your shipments and/or warehouses remain secure and looks organized — at the same time.

In addition, using colored stretch wraps can make it easier for you to quickly identify and separate different pallets. This can save your facility time and money. Utilizing colored stretch wraps will ensure a specific product pallet isn't mixed up with other loads.

Colored Stretch Films Offer Privacy & Security

When you use colored stretch films, you can enhance the security and privacy of your products throughout transport. By using darker colored stretch wraps, you can conceal the contents and help improve the security. The darkest colored stretch films are more opaque and more likely to make sure the contents of the pallet are cloaked.

Colored Stretch Wrap Can Mitigate Heat Damage

Does your facility stretch wrap products that are extremely sensitive to heat? If so, our white pallet stretch wrap may be the ideal solution because white doesn't attract heat. Our white stretch wrap is regularly used to wrap pallets of heat-sensitive products, such as chocolate. In addition, the white stretch wrap is opaque, which adds a natural element of privacy.

Contact AAA Polymer for Colored Stretch Wrap

Tough, easily identifiable, and durable are all terms used to describe AAA Polymer's colored stretch wrap. You can choose colored stretch wrap in a seemingly endless array of lengths, colors, and sizes. Whatever your stretch wrap needs, AAA Polymer can and will provide a cost-effective solution.

Unsure about which stretch wrap films are the best for your needs. We offer decades of experience helping business owners, distribution centers, and warehouses create efficiencies and competitive advantages by choosing the best stretch wrap. You tell us about your application and needs — and we'll guide you to the best solution.

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