All About HDPE Recycling: What Is HDPE, Benefits, How to Recycle & More

All About HDPE Recycling: What Is HDPE, Benefits, How to Recycle & More

By AAA Polymer | HDPE Recycling

Mar 21

When HDPE recycling is done the right way, you can help keep plastics out of landfills, help the environment, and pad your bottom line. And any time your business can increase profits and do the right thing for the planet, you can set your organization up for success for generations to come. Continue reading to learn all about HDPE recycling and how you can transform your recycling efforts into balance-sheet changing benefits.

What Are HDPE Plastic Products?

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bags are more common than ever and are used in commercial, manufacturing, retail, and virtually everywhere else. Also known as #2 plastics, HDPE plastics include:

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    Shopping bags
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    Rigid agricultural pipes
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    Chemical and detergent bottles
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    Milk containers
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    Freezer bags
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    And more

You can easily spot the mark on any container to see if it’s HDPE. Just find the little number 2 surrounded by the three “recycling” arrows in a triangle shape. You’ll also typically see “HDPE” underneath it.

When these plastic containers are recycled, your old HDPE plastics can find new life in plumbing pipes, plastic lumber, plastic rope, children’s toys, and a vast range of other products.

What Can Recycling HDPE Plastics Do For the Environment?

Recycling your HDPE containers not only keeps non-biodegradable waste out of our landfills, it saves energy. Lots of energy! As a matter of fact, HDPE recycling can save up to twice as much energy that is used in the creation of virgin plastics.

According to the EPA, recycling 10 plastic bottles saves enough energy to power a laptop computer for over 24 hours. Can you imagine how much energy your facility can save by engaging in HDPE recycling?

The energy required to create products from recycled plastics like HDPE is much, much less than the energy required to create products from virgin materials. This practice also helps mitigate the need for the use of fossil fuels.

Additionally, the resources used to transport bailed recyclable materials is much less than that used by standard waste transportation. By minimizing overall energy use, we reduce strain on power plants and oil reserves, helping to reduce pollution and reduce the damaging effects of extraction.

How Can HDPE Recycling Help Your Business?

Garbage collection is either private or city-funded—both of which cost businesses money, either directly or through use of tax dollars. The more trash collection your business needs, the more money it’ll cost.

HDPE recycling doesn't only reduce the cost of trash collection and save commercial facilities money, you can turn your plastic trash into hard, cold cash. When you sell AAA Polymer your HDPE plastic recyclables, we will pay you and help you create a stream of income. Best of all, we'll work with you to create a customizable commercial recycling program that helps your business meet it's recycling initiatives.

In other words: we'll help you reduce your waste management costs and turn that cost into a stream of income. It’s a no-brainer! In addition to creating a new stream of income, businesses who partner with use for HDPE recycling regularly enjoy:

Create a Competitive Advantage with HDPE Recycling

Did you know that our country produces enough plastic each year to shrink wrap Texas? And yet only 31.6 percent of HDPE bottles are recycled. So chances are, your top competitors are not on board with HDPE recycling. Don’t wait to make the change for your business – get out in front of the others and make a difference!

By recycling HDPE plastics, your business will save money on garbage costs while also saving the environment. And if your customers are like most customers in the United States who care about corporate sustainability, your HDPE recycling can turn into an excellent public relations and marketing opportunity for your business, which can lead to increased revenue.

Contact AAA Polymer for HDPE Recycling

Whether you're in Long Island or Tallahassee, Florida, AAA Polymer can help your business realize the countless benefits of HDPE recycling. Our innovative commercial recycling program has proven to be the perfect solution for warehouses and any other facility generating large volumes of HDPE or other types of plastic waste.

In either case, we can help set up the program, arrange pickup of your HDPE plastic recyclable materials, recycle the materials, and pay you for your plastic recyclables by their weight.

Best of all, getting started is easy and starts with a free site inspection. During the inspection, we'll carefully analyze the amount of plastic waste you create, determine the type of preparation you need, and discuss the potential savings and revenue you're simply throwing out with the trash.

Contact AAA Polymer today to learn more about how we can help you with HDPE recycling. 

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