Which Industries Are Best for Hooder Film?

Which Industries Are Best for Hooder Film?

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Apr 25

When it comes to finding the best hooder film for your specific industry, AAA Polymer will guide you to the best solution. Stretch hoods have quickly become one of the fastest growing packaging and pallet stabilization systems. Currently, North American volumes of stretch hooder film average around 60 million pounds per year with a projected 20 per annum growth rate.

The flexibility to control elasticity, load stability, and holding force make stretch hoods perfect for palletizing a vast range of different applications. Some of the most common applications for stretch hooder and shrink hooder film includes securing shingles, stones, bricks, bagged resins, bagged concrete, flour manufacturers, and much more.

At AAA Polymer, we offer a wide selection of different stretch wraps, stretch hooder films and shrink hooder films for a virtually all applications. Let's take a closer look at which industries are best for hooder film and why these industries choose hooder film.

Which Industries Are Best for Hooder Film?

Hooder Film for Paper Industry

Whether it's a pallet of paper towels, toilet tissue, or any other paper products; our hooder film helps minimize the risk of potential food hazards and risk of contamination. In addition, hooder film will help protect against dust, rain, and dirt.

Hooder Film for Appliances

Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and other appliance manufacturers trust hooder film to protect their equipment throughout shipping and storage. Our high quality hooder film is characterized by maximum reliability, high demands, and high output wrapping quality.

Hooder Film for Bricks and Masonry

Few environments are as rigorous on packaging materials as the masonry and brick industry. Heavy loads, dirt, sharp corners, and dust all can cause problems with wrapping. However, AAA Polymer's hooder film is ideal for the wrapping of aircrete, bricks, tiles, ceramics, concrete, and more.

Hooder Film for Construction Building Products

Whether you're using the hooder film for bag packaging, mortar, cement, lime, gypsum, or roofing - AAA Polymer offers the best hooder films for building products. Our construction building product hooder films are also durable enough to house flooring, shingles, and other building products wrapped for transportation and/or storage.

Hooder Film for Insulation

Insulation rolls pose a range of unique challenges when it comes to packaging for shipping and storage. However, our hooder film provides the stability, flexibility, and durability required to securely compress the insulation for storage and shipping.

Hooder Film for Food Products & Manufacturing

When it comes to packaging food in cartons, jars, boxes, bottles, and other containers, our hooder film will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We will help you choose the hooder film with the right stiffness and holding force to generate optimized stability without actually damaging your product.

Hooder Film for Chemical Packaging

Our hooder films are the premier solution for safely wrapping chemicals in octabins, sacks, and super sacks. We'll guide you to the most ideal hooder films to give your chemical pallets the stability and reliability you need throughout storage and shipment.

Hooder Film for Bottle Packaging

Trust the experts at AAA Polymer to guide you to the best hooder film for your bottle and beverage packaging needs. We regularly help warehouses and distribution centers choose the most appropriate hooder film for packaging and shipping kegs, bottles, as well as tetra packs with no deformation.

Hooder Films for Corrugated Box Shipping & Storage

Hooder films are typically used to minimize the likelihood of contamination of corrugated boxes. In particular, produce  boxes must be protected against dirt, dust, and rain. Hooder films are engineered to offer this protection and much more.  

Hooder Films for Empty Containers

Hooder films offer the perfect balance of holding force required to stabilize pallets of empty package containers. Most importantly, hooder film offers the appropriate holding force to secure the empty containers without damaging the products.

Hooder Film for the Agriculture & Horticulture Industry

If you're looking to store and ship pallets of top soils, mulch, grass seeds, fertilizers, and other horticulture products, our hooder film offers the right amount of load stability.

Hooder Film for Minerals

The bagged mineral industry has needs similar to those demonstrated with cement. In either case, our hooder films are regularly used to offer stability throughout storage and shipment of minerals.

Why Certain Industries Choose Hooder Film?

When you choose to use hooder film, it means you'll enjoy an added level of quality, including:

  • Enhanced flexibility - You can wrap several different sized pallets with a single size film, which offers manufacturers and companies enhanced flexibility.
  • Excellent optical properties - Because hooder film uses a single layer of film, you'll enjoy excellent transparency. In contrast, stretch film must be wrapped several revolutions, which may make it difficult for you to see the contents following it being palletized.
  • Fast - You can easily pack a high number of pallets within an hour based on your equipment.
  • Improved safety - Because hooder film requires virtually no manual labor, it reduces the likelihood of injuries and offers improved safety.
  • Higher ROI and efficiency - Hooder film doesn't require several revolutions and overlaps, which actually increases the efficiency and leads to a higher return on investment.

Looking for Hooder Films? Contact AAA Polymer

If you're looking for the premium selection of reliable and durable hooder films, AAA Polymer is proud to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Let's connect to discuss how we can help you find the best hooder film for your specific industry.

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