How to Choose the Best Garbage Bags for Restaurants?

How to Choose the Best Garbage Bags for Restaurants?

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Mar 05

If you operate or manage a hospitality facility, it's ideal for you to know how to choose the best garbage bags for restaurants. And when it comes to choosing the best garbage bags for restaurants, it's not as simple as it may seem. 

Fortunately, you're not alone. The experts at AAA Polymer offer decades of experience helping restaurateurs choose the best can liners for the business. Don't hesitate to reach out to the team at AAA Polymer today for a free trash bag consultation. In the meantime, continue reading to learn more about choosing the best garbage bags for restaurants and what you should consider. 

What Is the Right Thickness for Garbage Bags for Restaurants?

All trash bags are made from a raw material called resin. Let's look at a few different types of resins used to manufacture trash bags. 

High-Density Can Liners

High density can liners are most ideal for lightweight and paper trash. Trash bags made from high-density resins will tear relatively easily if they are punctured. Because of this, these bags are most suitable for bathrooms and even offices as long as there are no irregularly-shaped or sharp objects being thrown away. 

High density can liners are usually thinner and not as effective at resisting punctures. Although high density can liners aren't as strong as their counterpart, they are very economical and highly effective at combating odor. A few key highlights of high-density can liners are:

  • Not very stretchable
  • Excellent for light-duty uses
  • More economical
  • Tearable by sharp objects
  • Most ideal for rags, towels, paper, tissue, light office trash, and other non-sharp objects. 

Low-Density Trash Bags

Low-density trash bags are more suitable for wet trash, heavy trash, or trash with jagged edges. These types of bags provide outstanding resistance against tearing and puncturing. Because of these qualities, low-density trash bags are more commonly used as garbage bags for more rugged applications. They boast superior stretch properties that make them excellent as a multi use liner. Low density can liners are exactly what you need if you have a restaurant or other type of heavy-duty janitorial need. 

Low-density trash bags and linear low-density trash bags are usually black in color and are available in significantly thicker strengths. They are better at stretching, which makes them much harder to tear and rip. These types of trash bags are an absolute necessity with any type of waste that isn't entirely paper. 

Low-Density & Linear Low-Density Trash Bags Are Ideal for Restaurants

Low density and linear low-density trash bags are the most suitable option for restaurants. If you are transporting any type of waste that holds liquid, a tear in the bag means you or your employees will need to have to clean up large amounts of waste. On the positive side, low density and linear low-density bags do not "zipper." Zippering means that in the event the bag gets a hole in it, the resin is designed to not open up and tear the entire bag open. In summary, low-density trash bags are:

  • Stretchable
  • Stronger
  • Designed for medium to heavy-duty uses
  • Will not rip or tear

Linear low density and low-density trash bags are most suitable for sharp objects, heavier waste, drink, and food, as well as foodservice disposables.

Which Trash Bag Seal Is Best for Restaurants?

The seal is the bottom part of the bag and is available in three different types: gusset seal, flat seal, and star seal. 

Gusset Seals Aren't Ideal for Restaurants

Gusset seals are created with both sides of the bottom edge tucked in to form gussets. The seals are then reinforced at the indented exterior edges with four layers of film, while the center of the can liner is sealed with double layers. Unfortunately, trash bags with gusset seals aren't ideal for restaurants because they have a tendency to leak with liquids or wet trash.

Flat Seals May Work for Restaurants

Flat seals are created by sealing the end of the bag so the can liner's length isn't negated. In doing so, flat seals provide a virtually leak-proof trash bag. However, these bags do not have the ability to conform to the size of the trash receptacle. At the same time, trash bags with a flat seal can be hard to handle. 

Star Seals Are Ideal for Restaurants

Trash bags with a star seal are the most common in the industry — for several admirable reasons. These types of trash bags are created by folding the bottom of the can liner over several times and then having it sealed. This process works to eliminate leaks while allowing the trash bag to conform to the shape of the trash can, which is often critical for restaurants. At the same time, star seal trash bags will distribute the refuse evenly around the bag.

Contact AAA Polymer for the Best Garbage Bags for Restaurants

When it comes to choosing the best garbage bags for restaurants, you have no shortage of options. However, the experts at AAA Polymer will help you navigate the landscape and choose the best can liner for your needs. 

Contact AAA Polymer today for assistance in choosing the best garbage bag for restaurants.

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