6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Switch to LDPE PCR

6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Switch to LDPE PCR

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Jul 31

At AAA Polymer, we pride ourselves in being innovators within the market, and we continually work toward driving progress. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by providing the highest-quality, 100% post-consumer resins (PCR) LDPE pellets and resins. These pellets are offered in two different Trex products as a result of plastic film recycling from their railing and decking operations:

  • Trex Spartan™ Pellets are the do-all solution. As the general application PCR pellet, Spartan pellets are ideal for molding and profile extrusion.

  • Trex Cardinal™ Pellets were uniquely engineered for refined/advanced applications, such as tubing, plastic bags, or blown film.

Together, AAA Polymer and Trex brings more than 65 years of collective experience providing solutions that make a difference to the environment and your bottom line.

Why Choose AAA Polymer’s Trex LDPE PCR Content?

When you choose to include Trex Recycled LDPE Pellets, you can close the loop on your company’s recycling efforts and reap the following benefits:

  1. Environmentally Responsible – As a truly green solution, our PCR content is made with 100% recycled materials. No virgin industrial or plastic films or materials are included with our LDPE PCR resins.

  2. Comparable Strength — Since our LDPE PCR resins are of the highest quality, you'll enjoy greener, more environmentally conscious products with the same strength as virgin resins.

  3. Consistent Availability — We’ve partnered with Trex because of their reliability and  proprietary processes that allow for a steady source of high-quality pellets that never waivers in supply or size.

  4. Versatile Number of Applications — Whether you make plastic bags, packaging, irrigation tubes, or PCR can liners; you can find the perfect pellet for your application.

  5. Certified Green Solution — Trex Cardinal and Trex Spartan pellets are certified by the International Council Code (ICC) for both containing 100% post-consumer content material.

  6. Certified-Compliant SB270 Resin - This resin has been properly cleaned and contains 100% postconsumer feedstock, which means it can be used to make bags that are compliant with SB270.

Partnering with AAA Polymer for LDPE PCR pellets is a win-win! You can help the environment as well as pad your bottom line.

Go Green to Earn More Green

Did you know that a Nielsen Global Sustainability Study reported a staggering 66% of global respondents are willing to pay more for products and services offered by companies committed to a positive environmental and social impact? Best of all, you can implement AAA Polymer LDPE PCR resins and pellets into your workflow without sacrificing quality. You can choose from:


Product Description

Product Color


Linear Low-Density Polyethylene – Reprocessed Pellets

Clear to light gray

Typical Resin Properties

Test Method



Melt Index @ 190C

ASTM D1238


1.8 – 2.3




918 - .925

Post-Consumer Content




Typical Film Properties

Test Method



Blown Film

Trex Method


.9 – 1.25

Dart Impact

ASTM D1709


110 ± 10%


ASTM D1922

MD / grams

> 400

1600 gram pendulum weight

TD / grams

> 350

Contact AAA Polymer for Quality LDPE PCR

Since 1974, AAA Polymer has led the way as a plastic resin and materials trading company. Today, we've grown to become the premier plastic recycling company for industrial and commercial businesses.

Whether you already use PCR resins in your products and are looking for a more reliable vendor or if you're just getting started and want to learn more, AAA Polymer can help. We'll use our expertise to meet you where you are and help your organization achieve its goals.

Contact AAA Polymer today to learn more about the countless benefits of using LDPE PCR.

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AAA Polymer, Inc. was founded in 1974, as a plastic resin and material trading company with an innovative vision to create a company to provide plastic recycling services for industrial/commercial businesses. If you have any questions, we're here for you. Just call us at 718.389.2498.

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