How Can a Plastic Recycling Company Help Your Businesses?

How Can a Plastic Recycling Company Help Your Businesses?

By AAA Polymer | Plastics Recycling

Jul 13

In the face of record-high plastic materials and resin prices, it's more important than ever for warehouses and distribution centers (W/DCs) to cut costs and generate savings. And starting a stretch film recycling program with the leading plastics recycling company —AAA Polymer— can be the key to both for W/DCs. . 

Since we have opened our doors, we are one of the top plastics recycling companies in the Tri-State area. We offer fast, reliable, and safe plastic recycling solutions to businesses throughout the United States.

Our customizable plastic recycling solutions are designed to generate real, tangible savings for businesses and a host of other benefits. Although every business, warehouse, and distribution center is unique, we outlined some of the most common advantages of partnering with a plastic recycling company. Read on to learn more and don't hesitate to reach out to the team at AAA Polymer for commercial stretch film recycling. 

Partnering with a Plastic Recycling Company Can Result in Savings 

The word "waste" tells us all we need to know about the materials that we don't recycle. Throwing away potentially valuable plastic stretch film is a monumental waste of time, space, money, and the environment. Instead of taking this route, it makes dollars and sense to convert your plastic stretch film scraps into real savings for your business. In doing so, you can lower your cost of operation. 

Specifically, recycling your plastic stretch film and stretch wraps will reduce your garbage disposal costs by requiring fewer pickups and paying less in tipping fees. Recycling your plastic can create real cost savings, which can result in a great way to pad your company's bottom line! Learn more about how a commercial recycling program can save your company money.

Partnering with a Plastic Recycling Company Can Bolster Your Brand Image

You've worked hard to help your company develop a positive image that reflects your dedication to providing quality products to your customers. Anything you can do to enhance that image will only bring more profits to you; and with today's inflationary pressure on the plastics market, you should do everything within your power to create a competitive advantage.

There is a large and growing sector of the market that places a high value on doing business with ecologically-friendly companies. This is true of both B2B customers and final consumers. If you can capture a larger share of that niche by implementing greener practices, you'll reap the rewards through expanding profits. Recycling plastic with AAA Polymer is a great way to paint your company green—in more ways than one.

Starting a Plastic Recycling Program Can Build Morale

Your customers aren't the only ones who will like your company's greener ways of doing business. The men and women on your payroll may be strong environmental advocates too. Just as they try to shop green, they hope to work green as well. When they see your company working with AAA Polymer to cut waste and reuse your plastics, they'll feel good about where they work and what they do.

The positive feelings they get from your green efforts can help make them more productive and happier, which can help build a stronger workforce to drive organizational goals. At the same time, your employees can feel more inspired to provide other suggestions for reducing the company's environmental impact. 

Does this sound too good to be true? You don't have to take our word for it! Check out these engaging stats on the impact of your sustainability efforts on employee morale: 

  1. 74% of employees say their role is more fulfilling when they have opportunities to make a positive environmental or social impact
  2. 96% of Gen Y employees are concerned about the environment and expect employers to move toward greater sustainability. 
  3. A stunning 51% of employees will not work for an organization that doesn't have strong environmental or social commitments. 
  4. 25% of employees report they will look for a new job if they learned their employer had a poor record on key environmental issues.

Plastic Recycling Shrinks Your Environmental Impact

Until now, we have discussed the fringe benefits of starting a plastic recycling program. But at the end of the day, it's all about preserving the environment. When you partner with us to recycle plastic stretch films and wraps, you're doing more than making an economic decision. You're also taking steps to help the planet. Waste plastic needlessly expands landfills, spreads dangerous chemicals, and increases the amount of energy needed to produce goods.

Your steps in a green direction can help lead the way and inspire other businesses to do likewise, creating a snowball effect that will only build positive impacts around the world. While you're looking at saving energy by optimizing delivery routes and adjusting thermostats, look at plastic recycling too!

Working with a Plastic Recycling Company Can Lead to Job Creation 

Making positive changes to the environment will do more than just help the planet. It will help the economy as well, and all you have to do to see that in action is to look at AAA Polymer. As a successful plastic recycling company, we are growing rapidly because of companies like yours, led by people who want to improve their profitability while creating a positive impact on the environment.

When you take the initiative to recycle your plastics, you're creating opportunities for others to succeed as well. A study entitled "More Jobs, Less Pollution" determined that we could create 2.3 million jobs around the world by 2030 with a 75% recycling rate. Those new jobs mean customers for you and a stronger economy for all of us. Recycling plastic helps you do your part to contribute to that economic growth. 

Contact AAA Polymer — the Best Plastic Recycling Company 

When it comes to partnering with a plastic recycling company, the team at AAA Polymer will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Since 1974, we have partnered with several businesses, warehouses, and distribution centers throughout the Tri-State area and beyond to create savings. In addition to offering robust solutions for commercial plastic recycling, we also offer:

Contact the leading plastic recycling company at AAA Polymer to experience the remarkable benefits of plastic recycling.

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