What Is Pre-Stretch Film & How Can It Help My Facility?

What Is Pre-Stretch Film & How Can It Help My Facility?

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Feb 19

Pre-stretch film is a type of stretch wrap film that has been stretched near its breaking point and then wound onto rolls. The film is typically pre-stretched to approximately 90% at the factory, which is why pre-stretched film has thinner gauges than traditional film.

The unique manufacturing process of pre-stretch film allows the material to offer a distinct set of time-saving and money saving benefits. Continue reading to learn more about some of the key benefits of using pre-stretch film and how you can determine whether pre-stretch film is right for your facility.

How Is Your Film’s Memory?

One of the most attractive benefits of pre-stretch film is its remarkable memory. Because pre-stretch film requires little force, it naturally tightens once you apply it. This unique ability to tighten after application and deliver an admirable level of film memory is the single most vital reason for using pre-stretch film.

Do You Need More Stretch Film Control?

Most traditional films fail to provide consistent and uniform stretch. This leads to unpredictable performance, which contributes to intermittent load failures. However, pre-stretch film is much more controllable and delivers more predictable, reliable performance.

Pre-Stretch Wrap Is Easier to Apply

Pre-stretch film allows your employees to simply walk forward and pull less film. And since the film is already pre-stretched, it’s exponentially easier to wrap and requires much less physical strength. A roll of pre-stretch film is approximately 2/3 lighter than traditional film, which means it much easier to manage.

Pre-stretch film boasts approximately double the strength and half of the thickness. Even if you’re using a machine to apply the pre-stretch film, it uses less electrical energy in application due to the lower tension settings required.

Pre-Stretch Film & Pre-Stretch Wrap Creates Savings from the “Neck Down”

There are several benefits to using pre-stretch wrap in your warehouse or distribution center. One of the top benefits of using pre-stretch film is it eliminates neck down. Neck down explains when the stretch wrap tends to narrow as it is wrapped around the load.

Once this narrowing happens, it significantly increases the number of times your load or pallet will need to be wrapped and increases the amount of stretch wrap required. However, pre-stretch wrap eliminates neck down and leads to more efficient use of film.

Pre-Stretch Films Are Harder to Damage

Did you know approximately 25% of traditional rolls of stretch film are thrown away because of edge damage sustained due to drops. Fortunately, pre-stretch film is virtually indestructible with its rolled edges. So even if you drop a roll of pre-stretched film, it will not hamper your ability to use the roll.

Pre-Stretch Film Can Create Price Efficiencies

Pre-stretched film consumption can be as significant as less than one half of the use of traditional stretch film. In most instances, our customers enjoy cost savings ranging anywhere from 25% up to 40%.  

Do the Most with Less Pre-Stretch Film

One of the most common problems with regular gauged stretch film applied by hand is users fail to achieve the maximum potential stretch of the film. Some hand stretch wraps offer up to an impressive 200% stretch rate. Yet, regular gauge stretch film requires an exorbitant amount of effort to pull it to the full potential when applying by hand, which hardly ever happens. This results in regular gauge stretch film being underutilized and loads not being as secure as they could be.

Pre-Stretch Film Will Help Keep Workers Safe & Use Less Energy

Because pre-stretch wrap is maximized prior to being wound onto rolls, the application doesn’t require nearly as much effort. When applying manually, employees will experience less risk of injury and less fatigue. In addition, pre-stretch film comes on lighter rolls, which further reduces the likelihood of injuries while handling.

Should I Choose Pre-Stretch Film?

The jobs that make the most sense for pre-stretch film are hand application jobs. It makes even more sense to use pre-stretch film whenever workers:

  • Do not have enough strength to tighten traditional film by hand,
  • May have problems handling the rolls of film, or
  • Will be potentially wrapping irregularly shaped loads.

It’s also important to consider whether your organization has green initiatives or is eco-conscious brand. If so, pre-stretched film uses less product and can be viewed as the greener solution.

Tips for Choosing Between Pre-Stretch Film vs. Regular Gauge Stretch Wrap  

Choosing the best pre-stretch film can be confusing. However, the experts at AAA Polymer will help you check all of the boxes and make the best decision.

  • When choosing the best stretch film, price isn’t the most important factor — it’s the requirements of your application. It will be much more cost effective to choose a stretch wrap that achieves your goals than to choose a cheaper wrap that results in load shifts and damages.
  • Make sure you consider whether your loads are irregular, the amount of puncture resistance, and the amount of tear resistance the loads need.
  • In some instances, we’ve been able to eliminate the need for a stretch wrap machine with the right type of pre-stretch wrap.
  • Consider whether you need any special qualities to bolster protection, such as UV protection.

Contact AAA Polymer for Pre-Stretch Films

In the end, it’s vital for you to understand and choose the best type of film for your specific application. However, choosing the best pre-stretch film can be confusing. Even so, you don’t have to do it alone. The experts at AAA Polymer offer decades of experience helping warehouses and distribution centers choose the best type of pre-stretch film for the specific application.

Contact AAA Polymer today to learn how pre-stretch films can help you achieve your goals.

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