7 Highly Effective & Actionable Recycling Tips for Businesses

7 Highly Effective & Actionable Recycling Tips for Businesses

By AAA Polymer | Plastics Recycling

Oct 11

Congratulations on taking the initiative to research recycling tips for businesses. In addition to helping save the environment, starting a stretch film recycling program can save your company money and result in real benefits for your business. And if you operate a warehouse or distribution center, a stretch film recycling program stops being a nice-to-have and a viable line of business.

When pallets come into to the loading dock, they are often wrapped in stretch film. When the materials are taken in and the film is removed, what do your employees do with it? In many factories this film is just disposed of and eventually finds its way to a landfill.

However, AAA Polymer can help you start a commercial stretch film recycling program to turn your plastic trash into cash. In addition, we'll provide guidance and support to help you get the most from your stretch film recycling program. Whether you're just getting started or already have a program, the following 7 highly effective recycling tips for businesses can help take your plastic recycling to the next level.

Make the Recycling Process Easy

One of the most important recycling tips for businesses is to make the recycling process easy for your employees. You can create simple graphics to show how to prepare the plastic scrap, how to keep it separate from other plastics, and where to put it will help increase recovery of the scrap plastic. Having clearly labeled bins with color or symbol codes can help to make sure that the stretch film gets into the right container.

Employee Training

Helping your employees stick to the recycling plan starts and ends with training. This doesn't have to be extensive, but giving employees the basics on plastic stretch film recycling, how it can save the business money, and help the environment can go a long way toward getting employees on board and excited about the program. Setting specific recovery goals and posting results can also help keep workers focused on the techniques they have learned.

Create a Culture of Observation

The idea behind this is not to form a "recycling police" mentality, but rather to empower employees to help each other out in reaching recycling goals. Instead of employees reporting each other for mistakes, a reward program could be instituted in which helpful employees that notice and assist in improving recycling efficiency are recognized for their contributions.

Collect Film from Multiple Locations

When pallets are being shipped internally between several locations in a business or even within one location that is very large, plastic film collection can get confusing. Setting up a plan to designate where film is to be collected at which locations and at which deliveries can help keep from losing recyclable material. This can be tricky and will likely require a lot of trial and error to perfect, but the savings will make it worthwhile.

Work to Keep Film in Good Condition

Things can get busy in any warehouse or distribution center, but securing stretch film immediately after removal and placing it in the proper receptacle helps keep it from getting contaminated. The better the condition of the film, the more it will be worth. Film that winds up on the floor that gets stepped on, dirty, or otherwise contaminated can cost your business, but with conscientious recovery practices, you can maximize the amount you earn from every scrap.

Communicate Recycling Tips for Businesses to Partners

Letting your partnering companies know about your recycling program can be a vital component. In addition, you should also make efforts to inform them of how it works, which can help make things go smoother on your end.

You can inform and encourage partnering companies about best practices to get the most from your stretch film recycling program. For example, you can communicate best practices around using labeling and tapes to reduce the contamination of the stretch film. Any suggestions you can offer them, especially those that make their own work easier, will improve the efficiency and ease of your recycling program.

Work for Improvement

If your business is new to plastic stretch film recycling, there will undoubtedly be a few growing pains. Any new procedure that is implemented in a business takes time to perfect. While mistakes will undoubtedly occur, posting information about successes and improvement will help to reinforce progress.

It may also be worthwhile to celebrate milestones. For instance, a pizza party could be thrown when a certain tonnage of plastic has been recycled. This does not have to be solely confined to the business either. Public declaration of a recycling milestone can not only generate positive buzz for your business, but it can raise awareness about recycling in general.

Contact AAA Polymer for Recycling Tips for Businesses

Whether you already have an effective stretch film recycling program or if you're looking to start one, AAA Polymer can help. Since 1974, AAA Polymer has been a leader in helping facilities create and execute plastic recycling plans. We utilize our experience to help our partnering business achieve its goals and earn cash for their plastic trash.

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