Is This the Best Residential Composting Program to Reduce Waste in Multi-Res Buildings?

Is This the Best Residential Composting Program to Reduce Waste in Multi-Res Buildings?

By AAA Polymer | EcoSafe bags

Oct 24

A growing number of property managers and building owners of large multi-residential buildings are transitioning their properties to EcoSafe-6400® compostable bags the patent pending EcoSafe MultiRes® residential composting program. Up until now, multi family food scraps collection has presented a seemingly overwhelming challenge. However, the new EcoSafe MultiRes® program tackles some of the most prevalent challenges preventing the transition to residential composting.

As the recycling experts, AAA Polymer is an authorized seller of this new system and the provider of EcoSafe-6400® compostable bags. This is the perfect system to set up if you will be participating in the DSNY zero-waste program for organics collection.

Continue reading to learn more about the EcoSafe MultiRes® program and how AAA Polymer can help.

What Is the EcoSafe MultiRes® Residential Composting Program?

The new EcoSafe MultiRes® program is one of the most effective and simple ways for large residential facilities to engage in residential composting. This program includes everything you'll need to get started and is specifically geared toward large multi-family developments.

EcoSafe's turnkey solution — sold by AAA Polymer — makes it easy, convenient and more cost effective for building managers and facility managers to implement this program. The program includes EcoSafe® Kitchen Caddy bins, EcoSafe-6400® compostable bags, and all of the additional hardware, start up guides, signage, and educational materials you'll need to develop a successful organic waste separation system in your building.

What Are EcoSafe-6400® Compostable Bags?

EcoSafe-6400® compostable bags are known throughout the world for having the strongest leak-proof compostable properties on the market. These high-performance, certified compostable bioplastic bags are strong enough that homeowners and tenants can depend on them to collect and transport food waste without the risk of leaking or breaking.

Does the EcoSafe MultiRes Program® Work?

In fall of 2014, EcoSafe® sponsored a Cascadia Consulting and Building Insight study on the results of the EcoSafe MultiRes® program in four San Francisco multi-family buildings that switched to the program. The impressively surprising results from the follow-up survey are as follows:

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    Recycling participation rates improved from below 50% to over 80% in all four buildings.
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    Contamination fell to 6% in one building and to less than 1% in three of the buildings.

However, the most telling survey finding was regarding the resident's impression of the EcoSafe MultiRes® system: their satisfaction rates skyrocketed to 89%, which was almost twice the rate of the standard city program.

What Are the Benefits of the EcoSafe MultiRes® Program?

Reduced Cost of Garbage Disposal

Did you know you could be throwing away thousands of dollars with your trash? If you're looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, the MultiRes program may be your ideal solution. Food waste and organic matter represent a significant amount of your building's waste.

To make matters worse, organic compounds have a lot of moisture and water in it, which only adds to the waste. By removing food waste and other organic compounds from your buildings waste stream, you can almost immediately begin seeing the cost savings - like Terry Hyska did in Port Moody, BC.

According to GBD Magazine, after just after four months on the MultiRes program at her apartments in Belcarra Apartments, the building experienced a jaw-dropping 50% reduction in regular garbage collection costs. What could you do with 50% of your annual garbage collection costs returned to you?

Reduce Cross Contamination

One of the biggest problems associated with residential composting programs is cross contamination from the use of improper bags. When improper bags arrive at composting facilities, it results in added costs, lowered recycling rates, and the product quality is jeopardized. Ultimately, using the wrong types of bags can threaten the entire economic feasibility of urban composting. However, EcoSafe-6400® compostable bags are completely compostable and safe for the environment. *EXPLAIN WHAT ECOSAFE BAGS...*

More Attractive to Potential Residents

An organics collection program supporting residential composting can help make your property more attractive to potential tenants and even increase what what residents are willing to pay. According to a recent Nielsen study, almost ⅔ of consumers are willing to pay extra for services and products that come from companies committed to positive environmental impact.

Improve Resident Buy-In

Even though it's 2017 and most folks may wholeheartedly support the notion of separating their organics from waste, those pure intentions don't always translate into a solid follow through. However, EcoSafe MultiRes® and EcoSafe-6400® compostable bags simplify the process for your tenants, which means they'll be much more likely to follow through with organics collections.  

Contact AAA Polymer for EcoSafe MultiRes® Program and EcoSafe-6400® Compostable Bags

Once your building or facility has the the EcoSafe MultiRes® system installed, we’ll be able to provide you with the approved EcoSafe-6400® compostable bags that are leak-proof and completely compostable.

Contact AAA Polymer today to learn more about this innovative program. 

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