Top 4 Actionable Ways to Make Your Business Greener Today

Top 4 Actionable Ways to Make Your Business Greener Today

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Oct 11

Across the nation, savvy building owners and managers are utilizing different ways to make their business greener. These industry leaders are leveraging the cost savings of going green to create a competitive advantage. Going green explains whenever your warehouse, distribution center, or business makes a concerted effort to reduce the negative impact of doing business.

Going green can manifest itself as starting recycling programs, closing the loop, reducing utility costs, to buying green products and services. However, at AAA Polymer, we’ve created a short list of quick and actionable steps you can take today to go green. Continue reading to learn a few actionable ways to make your business greener today.

Plastic Stretch Film Recycling

One of the top ways to make your business greener is to turn your plastic trash into cash! If you operate a warehouse or distribution center, your plastic stretch film is a recyclable material has value. This exceptionally versatile material can create a stream of revenue and slash your facility’s waste management cost — all while making your business greener.

Best of all, starting a plastic stretch film recycling program is easy with the experts at AAA Polymer. We’ll come into your business, conduct a survey of your plastic film usage, and help with the installation of a baling machine – if necessary. Once you collect enough plastic stretch film, simply give us a call to schedule a pickup.

After we pick up the material, we’ll transport it to our facility, weigh it, and write you a check based on market value. With AAA Polymer plastic stretch film recycling program, you’ll be able to earn cash, save money, and save the planet. Learn more about starting a plastic stretch film recycling program with The Ultimate Guide to Stretch Film Recycling in Warehouses.

Once you have your plastic stretch film recycling program in full swing, why not take it one step farther and close the loop with Trex Cardinal PCR can liners?

Closed Loop on Recycling By Using PCR Products

Take your facility’s plastic film recycling one step farther by closing the loop and using products made with postconsumer resins (PCR). While some businesses are reluctant to choose PCR products because of previous quality and durability issues, AAA Polymer's environmentally-friendly PCR can liners are an excellent place to start.

Our PCR can liners are unique in they offer comparable strength and pricing as a standard can liner, so you have nothing to lose. When you do switch to PCR can liners, you’ll take huge strides in:

  • Reducing your facility’s reliance on “virgin” raw materials
  • Helping your company meet its Green Initiatives or Sustainability Goals

All of our PCR can liners are made with 20% Trex Cardinal Certified Post Consumer LDPE Resin and contain minimum of 70% postindustrial sourced clear reprocessed LDPE. Do you have questions about using PCR can liners in your business? Read our PCR can liner FAQs to learn more about postconsumer can liner resins or Download our PCR brochure.

Closed Loop on Recycling By Using PCR Resins

If you operate a manufacturing facility, you can also use Trex Cardinal PCR resins in your products. Trex LLDPE pellets are sold by AAA Polymer and are the ideal solution for manufacturers looking to bolster the cost efficiency of their products. Utilizing these pellets in your manufacturing process will allow you to promote a more eco-friendly option to consumers and possibly lower your overall materials cost.

As an AAA Polymer partner, Trex is one of the world’s largest plastic recyclers. Trex is able to consistently deliver the quality and quantities of PCR resins you need at a significantly lower price. Best of all, you’ll work directly with AAA Polymer — your partner in making your business greener.

Go Paperless & Choose the Right Stretch Wrap Film

Today, most businesses conduct certain transactions online through ecommerce, so it makes perfect sense to consider going paperless. By switching to a paperless management system, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper your facility uses. In the process, you can invest in RFID technology to eliminate the need for receiving documents and paper pick lists.

And if you’re going paperless, AAA Polymer can help you choose the best stretch wrap — blown vs cast stretch wrap — to make scanning or RFID technology more feasible. We offer a full range of different types of stretch films, including:

Making Your Business Greener Makes Dollars and Sense

At AAA Polymer, we’ve partnered with several businesses throughout the U.S. to implement greener initiatives. And when we do, these businesses regularly report:

  • Create a Revenue Stream. Starting a plastic stretch film recycling program can lead to an immediate revenue stream — based on the amount of stretch film your business
  • Saves Money. Making your business greener leads to cost savings. Whether you’re implementing a new plastic stretch film recycling program or using lower cost PCR resins and products, you can save money.
  • Forward-Thinking Compliance Solutions. Making your business greener today helps you stay ahead of legislation.
  • Green Marketing Awareness. Businesses that go green have the opportunity to transform their brand’s image. According to a Nielsen global sustainability study, 66% of consumers around the world are willing to pay more for products and services offered by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.
  • Improved Employee Morale. Going green doesn’t just illicit positive feelings from your customers, it can also help your employees feel better about the company they work for.

Contact AAA Polymer for Ways to Make Your Business Greener

When it comes to making your business greener, you’re not alone. The experts at AAA Polymer offer several innovative ways to help your business become greener. Most importantly, we’ll help you reap the benefits of doing so.

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