5 Bottom-Line Changing Economic Benefits of Recycling

5 Bottom-Line Changing Economic Benefits of Recycling

By AAA Polymer | HDPE Recycling

Jul 30

If you're not already recycling and cashing in on the bottom-line-changing economic benefits of recycling, you're missing a remarkable opportunity. According to a Nielsen global sustainability study, a staggering 66% of global respondents are willing to pay more for services and products offered by organizations committed to a positive environmental impact. 

And being committed to organizational recycling initiatives — such as closing the loop — is the  perfect way to differentiate your business in the marketplace and take advantage of this growing trend. In addition to your customers potentially paying more for your products and services because of your organization's environmental commitment, here are a few additional potentially bottom-line-changing economic benefits of recycling. 

Economic Benefits of Recycling Equal Savings

Sometimes, you can turn in an old product to save money on a new product. For example, maybe your business has some computers that are so slow and outdated. Instead of throwing out all those old, sluggish computers, you may be able to use them to get credit towards the purchase of a new set of computers. 

Not only will you be helping the environment by properly disposing old materials, but you will also be helping your bottom line in the process. The concept of recycling to generate real savings can be applied to batteries, ink cartridges, and especially plastic film recycling! Learn how commercial plastic recycling is helping businesses save money in more ways than one. 

Take Advantage of a Newly Refreshed Eco-Friendly Image

How your customers and business partners see your company is crucial to the success of your brand. Having a recycling program and boasting about it on your website, on an ad, or on your social media platform can give you free positive publicity that can strengthen the connections you’ve worked so hard to create. 

As we previously mentioned, a growing number of people enjoy doing business with companies that share their values and beliefs. It's this type of connection that strengthens their loyalty and commitment to the company over time. Recycling is something everyone can appreciate and it has no negative connotations attached to it, making it a win-win strategy for any company that incorporates it into their business model.

Feel Confident About Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Recycling has a tremendous benefit on our ecosystem, obviously. Plastic recycling specifically achieves a number of desirable goals, including:

  • Prevents plastics from ending up in landfills where it remains for centuries,
  • Removes junk from the environment, 
  • Prevents harmful chemicals from entering the ecosystem,
  •  Reduces pollution, and
  • Saves energy from being wasted.

So even if it doesn’t make your business a ton of money in the short term, in the long term, you’ll be helping mother nature stay pristine for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

The Economic Benefits of Recycling Include Improving Employee Morale 

Some benefits of recycling aren’t initially tangible, but that doesn’t mean they are not relevant. Happy employees tend to be more productive than unhappy employees, which means business owners and managers should do anything they can to help tip the balance in their favor. 

Team building activities, positive relationships, and accountability are crucial to developing a positive work environment, but little things like recycling can help too. When employees know they are making environmentally conscious choices, it helps them feel a little bit better about what they are doing. 

The Economic Benefits of Recycling Include Job Creation

In order for your business to make money, you need consumers who are willing to spend money on what you have to offer. How can consumers buy your product if they're not making enough money to sustain themselves? Statistics show that for every one job in waste management there are four jobs in the recycling industry. In addition to the jobs created due to the recycling process, there are also jobs created for the companies that use recycled materials to make their product. When organizations close the loop on their recycling efforts, they stand to gain in more ways than one!  

A study named, “More Jobs, Less Pollution” revealed that a 75% national recycling rate would create over 2.3 million jobs by the year 2030. That’s a lot of potential customers you are likely going to want.

Contact AAA Polymer to Start Commercial Plastics Recycling 

Recycling — particularly commercial plastics recycling — helps you, the person next to you, your business, and the world around you. Simply put, the benefits of recycling can impact virtually every fact of your organization and impact your bottom line in more ways than one. Best of all, you don't have to do it alone.

 While we primarily help warehouses and distribution centers start plastic stretch film recycling programs, AAA Polymer offers decades of experience helping businesses across all industries implement robust commercial recycling programs. Ready to learn more? Don't hesitate to contact AAA Polymer today. 

Contact AAA Polymer for a free commercial recycling consultation. 

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