Unravel These Exceptional Benefits of Stretch Film & Wrap

Unravel These Exceptional Benefits of Stretch Film & Wrap

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Jun 06

The benefits of stretch film and stretch wrap span across virtually all industries and sectors. Whether it's hand stretch film or machine stretch film, it's one of the easiest and most effective ways to secure and protect loads for transportation. However, this is only the beginning.

At AAA Polymer, we offer an expansive inventory of stretch films in different types of stretch wrap film:

Due to the versatility of this cost-effective plastic, it can be used in more ways than one. Let's take a closer look at some of the top ways you can use stretch film to stretch the benefits to new heights. 

Stretch Film Boasts Multi-Dimensional Protection

Without a doubt, one of the top benefits of stretch film is shipping and storage protection. Wrapping your loads with stretch film can create a much more stable, reliable load. This reduces the likelihood of your load shifting during shipping or when being moved around the warehouse.

At the same time, stretch wrap films protect products by keeping them dry and clean — even if stored outdoors. The ability of stretch wrap film to protect products positions it as the ultimate barrier against moisture, dust, dirt, and other environmental elements. 

This line of benefits makes it one of the most widely-used, universal packaging solutions. And stretch films offer protection in more ways than just dirt, dust, and moisture protection. 

UVI Stretch Films Protect Against UV Rays

If you are going to be storing products outdoors, it's important to understand the sun's heat and UV rays can destroy a pallet load of products. However, AAA Polymer offers specially formulated UVI stretch films designed to filter out the sun's damaging rays and preserve the integrity of your load.

Mitigate Heat Damage with Opaque White Stretch Film

If you have products that are sensitive to heat, wrapping them in white stretch wrap may be the most suitable solution. This is because the white or opaque stretch film doesn't attract heat. Our white stretch wrap is often used to secure pallets of heat-sensitive products.

Stretch Film Can Bolster Worker Productivity & Efficiency

When wrapping pallet loads in stretch film, you will enhance the packaging protection. At the same time, you make it easier and more efficient for your employees to handle. 

Using angle boards can make strapped loads more versatile and maneuverable while helping maximize every square inch of your warehouse floor. You can also easily and quickly organize loads by types or other parameters, which can bolster worker productivity.

Benefits of Stretch Wrap Film Includes Improved Inventory Control

Using stretch-wrapped products is a cost-effective path to improved inventory control. By wrapping similar products together, you can simplify inventorying and accurately identify products. This limits the likelihood of product separation while making inventory counts less time-consuming and more efficient.

If you use a scanner in your warehouse, the crystal clear nature of cast stretch film allows you to quickly scan straight through it. At the same time, you can use colored stretch wraps and films to further simplify organization within your warehouse, which is color-coding. 

Opaque and colored stretch wrap films can make it easier for you to create product categories and easily identify groups,  which can save you time and money.

Use Color Coding to Improve Business Branding

Wrapping your products and pallets in colored stretch wrap material can distinguish your pallets and brand. Simply choose a color associated with your brand and use this color with all of your palletized products to create a uniform look. 

After your product is shipped to customers, they will begin to expect pallets in your specific color, which allows them to associate it with your brand. This means each time anyone in the warehouse walks by a blue pallet, they are more likely to associate it with your brand.

Increase Security with Opaque Stretch Wrap and Stretch Film

In addition to increasing organization with stretch film and stretch wrap, you can also use colored films to bolster security and privacy. Simply opt for a darker-colored stretch film roll to conceal the contents and improve security. The darkest color stretch films are opaque, which can make it nearly impossible for passers-by to see the contents.

Hand Stretch Film Can Be Applied Manually

While many people assume stretch film material requires machines to apply, this isn't the case with hand stretch film. As the name same suggests, hand stretch film or hand stretch wrap is designed to be applied manually. 

It offers the same elastic nature and comes on a convenient roll to make the application easy. Hand stretch film is often used in lower-capacity applications.

How Do I Know I Am Using Enough But Not Too Much Hand Stretch Film?

Worried about using too much or too little stretch film? Pre-stretch makes finding the perfect amount easy. AAA Polymer's pre-stretch film has been already stretched near or to its breaking point before being wound on the core. Our cutting edge pre-stretched films are

  • Easier to apply by hand

  • Available in an array of widths

  • Offer excellent elastic qualities

  • Delivers increased consistency

  • Boasts remarkable memory

  • And offers several other key benefits.

Machine Stretch Wrap Is Perfect for Bigger Jobs

On the other hand, machine stretch film does require special equipment for the application, which are stretch wrappers or stretch wrap machines. This type of film is more suitable for large to medium-scale operations that need to wrap products quickly and efficiently. 

When compared to hand stretch film, the key difference is that machine stretch wrap requires equipment. Because of this, it offers

  • More efficient and faster product packaging

  • Reduced cost of packaging materials

  • Safer application

  • More secure, safer loads

Contact AAA Polymer for Different Types of Stretch Films

If you're looking for different types of stretch films, the team at AAA Polymer can help. We offer different films and wraps for virtually every application and situation. Most importantly, we will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and guide you to the best solution.

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