The Exceptional Benefits of Pre-Stretched Film You Can't Afford to Ignore

The Exceptional Benefits of Pre-Stretched Film You Can’t Afford to Ignore

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Jul 13

Faced with supply chain shortages and unprecedented price increases across plastic markets, pre-stretch film can help warehouses and distribution centers mitigate the impact. Pre-stretched film is a plastic film or stretch wrap that has been already stretched near to its breaking point prior to being wound on the core. 

To achieve the ultimate stretch, manufacturers position the film on two rollers. While one roller rotates faster to stretch the film the other roller works to elongate it. After the film has been optimized and stretched to the ultimate point, it's sent through a system and placed onto the core. In the end, the pre-stretched film comes on a lighter roll than traditional film and is exceptionally easier to work with. 

The unique process of stretching the film prior to placing it on the roll opens the door to a range of attractive benefits of pre-stretched film, which can equal significant savings amid bullish plastic markets. Let's dive into the many benefits of pre-stretched film. And if you would like to learn whether pre-stretched film is suitable for your application or more on the benefits of pre-stretched film, don't hesitate to reach out to AAA Polymer. 

The Benefits of Pre-Stretched Film Start with Savings 

As we previously mentioned, the top benefit of pre-stretched film is the potential cost savings. Pre-stretched film delivers higher cost savings by lowering the amount of material required to wrap your loads. This is achieved through what is called film recovery. 

After the film is stretched to its limit, it will return to its original state, which is film recovery. The more film recovery a stretch wrap has, the stronger the wrap will be around your load. If you're wrapping your pallets with traditional hand stretch wrap, you must rely on your employees to exert significant energy to ensure the stretch wrap is stretched far enough. It must be stretched enough to maximize your spend, to ensure the load is secure, and to reap the full benefits of film recovery. 

When you use a pre-stretched film, you remove the onus from your employees and take control to ensure higher cost savings and more secure loads. In addition, pre-stretched film is thinner than traditional film, which means you get more for less film. 

And when you reduce the amount of film you're using, you can lower your material consumption, which means reduced cost. In fact, the cost benefits of using pre-stretched films often equate to up to 40%. 

Pre-Stretched Films Are Easier to Apply

While traditional films require your employees to walk backward to apply, pre-stretched films have substantially lower torque requirements. As a result, users can walk forward during application. This makes for more control and increased safety. At the same time, little to no stretching of the film is required, so it requires less physical strength by the user.

This means virtually anyone can apply pre-stretched film. Because pre-stretched films come on lighter rolls, they are also easier to manage. Pre-stretched films average about half the thickness of a traditional film, but double the strength. 

Pre-Stretched Films Offer Improved Security

When pre-stretched film is applied, it naturally tightens after being applied to the load. This helps create a tighter, more secure load. For many warehouses and distribution centers, improved security is one of the key benefits of pre-stretched film. 

Increased Consistency Is a Benefit of Pre-Stretch Film 

Unless you're using a machine, it can be relatively difficult to get a consistent stretch with traditional film. This unpredictability can lead to complications. However, when you choose pre-stretched film, you'll enjoy a much more controllable performance. 

The Benefits of Pre-Stretch Wrap Include Reduced Waste

Far too often, warehouses and distribution centers are forced to throw entire rolls of traditional stretch film away due to costly drops and damages. The design of pre-stretch film helps you  avoid this problem. Pre-stretch film features rolled edges with air blown into the roll that provides support to the interior. This prevents it from telescoping down. Together, these two processes work in tandem to make it virtually impossible to damage the roll edge if dropped. 

The Benefits of Pre-Stretch Film Continue

In addition to the key benefits of pre-stretch film mentioned above, the list goes on with:

  • Pre-stretched film performs exceptionally well in extremely cold environments
  • Boasts remarkable cling that helps ensure the tail of the film remains in place
  • With no width reduction during tension, the number of revolutions required for loads is reduced. This helps improve productivity.
  • You'll enjoy better load stability due to superior load retention.
  • Excellent clarity facilitates easy inspections.
  • Pre-stretched films are ideal for stabilizing protruding or misshapen loads.
  • Pre-stretch films are the greener, more eco-friendly solution because it uses less film and creates less waste.

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At AAA Polymer, we offer all types of stretch films and wraps. Our experienced stretch film specialists will work closely with you to understand your application. Then we can help you understand the unique benefits of pre-stretch film you would enjoy. 

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