How Many Trash Bags to Buy at Once & Why Bulk Is the Best

How Many Trash Bags to Buy at Once & Why Bulk Is the Best

By AAA Polymer | Can Liners

Mar 05

Figuring out how many trash bags to buy at once for your business seems like a simple enough task, but all too often business owners go about it the wrong way. And getting it wrong repeatedly can lead to an immense source of waste and inefficiencies. For example, some business owners like to tend to simply go to the local big box store and purchase any can liner when they are needed, but this option can be extremely cost inefficient. 

If you are a business owner looking to cut costs, it makes dollars and sense to partner with AAA Polymer. As the leading can liner and trash bag provider for warehouses, distribution centers, office spaces, and more, we offer can liners in bulk for surprisingly low rates

Most importantly, we will work closely with you to guide and help you choose the best solution for your unique needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today for a tailored approach to choosing trash bags and can liners. But in the meantime, continue reading for a different perspective on the question "How many trash bags should I buy at once?" 

Start Determining How Many Trash Bags to Buy at Once Based on Insight

On average, how many trash bags do you use per week? Per month? It may seem trivial, but when you look at the big picture, you’d be surprised how much you spend yearly on can liners. No matter how decentralized your expenses are, it’s important to consider all options on the table when it comes to cutting costs and creating savings.

Strategically buying can liners in bulk allows you to be more conscious about how many you are using regularly and allows you to put the money you don’t spend into other parts of your business that need attention.

Reduce Costs By Buying In Bulk

The most obvious reason for buying can liners in bulk is to save money on the per-unit costs. Not only that, but you also end up saving money on overall shipping and fuel costs that play a big factor when you buy can liners one at a time. When you mathematically compare buying in bulk compared to buying single units, the difference is obvious. In the end, purchasing can liners in bulk can lower your per-unit cost; while buying in smaller quantities means you will pay more per trash bag, pay more in delivery costs, and potentially incur other costs. 

Strategically Purchasing Can Liners Can Have Environmental Impacts

The great thing about buying can liners in bulk is that there is less plastic waste used in the packaging and there is a reduction in overall delivery miles attached to each unit. If you are concerned about the environment and already have a green initiative in place, this is a perfect component to add to your already existing green plan. Of course, no green initiative is truly complete without a stretch film recycling program.

If you are looking to put a recycling program in place or are searching the market for better options, check out the ultimate guide to stretch film recycling created by the recycling gurus at AAA Polymer.

It's Not Only How Many...But Think About the Type

The type and size of the trash bag you purchase can be just as important as the number you buy. Too often companies make the mistake of using trash bags that are:

  • Larger than necessary,
  • Too small for the purpose,
  • Not strong enough for the application, or
  • Too strong for how they are being used. (For example, you don't need heavy duty trash bags in the restroom or in the office).

No matter what it's important to strategically choose your trash bag based on the application or how it will be used. Unfortunately, when you purchase can liners and trash bags from a big box retailer, you will not receive the type of tailored support and consultation required to make the best decision. 

At AAA Polymer, we don't just sell can liners, we are the experts. Because of this, we take a strategic approach to helping those we serve to find the best solution. We are hyper-focused on offering the types of solutions that will reduce your costs while maintaining the best possible performance. Learn more about right-sizing and choosing the best type of can liner. The difference between the right-sized trash bag and the one you're currently using could be thousands of dollars in savings. 

Contact AAA Polymer Today for a Free Can Liner Audit

For several decades, AAA Polymer has been the leading provider of can liners and trash bags for businesses across all industries. Instead of the general one-size-fits-all approach, we get to know you and your business to guide you to the best solution. 

Contact AAA Polymer today to request your free can liner audit!

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