4 Ways to Choose a Reputable Plastics Recycling Company

4 Ways to Choose a Reputable Plastics Recycling Company

By AAA Polymer | Plastics Recycling

Mar 21

Finding a reputable plastics recycling company is critical to the success of your commercial recycling program. Although there may be no shortage of available recycling firms, not all plastics recycling companies are created equally.

As a matter of fact, some recycling businesses may use less-than-credible practices, which can lead to problems, fines, and possible legal ramifications. Because of this, it's imperative to choose a partner with integrity, staying power, and the ability to improve your business.

Continue reading to learn more about a few of the top ways to choose a reputable recycling company.

Does the Facility Offer Certified Destruction?

One of the core services of a reputable recycling company should be certified destruction. Certified destruction is a process where you'll receive in depth documentation of the destruction of your plastics recyclables. Certified destruction is also a key measure for protecting the integrity of your brand.

If a company doesn't offer you the benefits of certified destruction, you really don't know whether your plastic products are properly recycled or are being shipped off to landfills. Even if you don't need a certificate of destruction for your plastics, companies offering this service are more inclined to operate at the highest standards.

Ask for References

Just as you wouldn't hire an employee without doing due diligence, it's important to conduct a similar process when looking for a plastics recycling company. While anyone can build a website with attractive bells and whistles, the best way to gain a sense of how a company does business is to speak to their customers.

Ask for a list of customers you can speak to about their experience with the company. If the company doesn't have references, it should speak for itself. However, when the company provides references, make sure to make a list of questions to ask their clients. Some common tell-tale questions include:

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    Does the plastics company offer on-time pickup?
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    Would you view the company as an order taker or an extendable arm of your business?
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    How does the company solve problems?
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    Do you feel you can trust the company?

Look for a Partner in a Plastics Recycling Company

While searching for a reputable plastics recycling company is one way to approach the problem, it's best to find a plastics recycling partner. You need a company who will work to understand your business, commercial recycling needs, and provide viable solutions to impact your entire organization.  

When you partner with AAA Polymer — this is exactly what you'll receive. We always go above and beyond to help our customers think outside of the box. Our decades of experience allows us to anticipate our customers needs and stay on the forefront of industry changes.

We've used our expertise to add value to a major national beverage manufacturer. We created a unique certified destruction and commercial recycling program for this manufacturer's east coast facilities. The initiative has been so successful, the corporation is looking to duplicate the successes nationwide.  

While every company is different, AAA Polymer will partner with you to create solutions to problems you didn't even know exist. For example, we regularly help our customers get the most from their recycling program through robust employee education initiatives.

The Tenure of the Plastics Recycling Company

The process of searching for a reliable plastics recycling company takes time and effort. As a result, you should only have to do this once. Make sure the company you choose has demonstrated the financial solvency to endure the ups and downs in the market. In other words, if a plastics recycling company doesn't have years of demonstrated tenure, you should be leery of partnering with them.

AAA Polymer has been serving Long Island and surrounding businesses since 1974. We've continually demonstrated our industry and thought leadership by helping warehouses and businesses throughout the United States develop innovative and effective commercial recycling programs. Our core business is and has always been plastics recycling.

Contact AAA Polymer — the Best Plastics Recycling Company

At AAA Polymer, we help our customers achieve their organizational goals by providing comprehensive recycling solutions. We always take the time to get to know our customers, which allows us to make impactful suggestions and customize programs around your unique needs.

Contact AAA Polymer today to experience Long Island's most reputable plastics recycling company.  

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AAA Polymer, Inc. was founded in 1974, as a plastic resin and material trading company with an innovative vision to create a company to provide plastic recycling services for industrial/commercial businesses. If you have any questions, we're here for you. Just call us at 718.389.2498.

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