Unraveling the Different Types of Stretch Film

Unraveling the Different Types of Stretch Film

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Jun 07

There are many different types of stretch film designed for a wide array of uses. You can find different stretch films to address:

  • Load type
  • Load weight
  • Load size
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    And more

On the other hand, there are a variety of stretch films that address less common issues, such as static reduction, reduced condensation, and UV protection. At AAA Polymer, we offer virtually all of the different types of stretch film. 

Whether you already know exactly what you need or if you don't have a clue, we will listen to your needs and guide you toward the best type of stretch wrap film. In the meantime, continue reading to learn more about the different types of stretch film.

Blown Types of Stretch Film

Blown stretch wrap is created through a process known as blown extrusion, and the cooling of blown film makes it more resilient, tear resistant, and tougher than other types of film. This attribute becomes especially important whenever securing loads with sharp edges that may tear through less dense films.

Blown stretch film also offers a higher degree of memory once it's stretched, which means packages are more likely to stay secured and not shift during transit. Although blown film is tougher and has higher tear resistance, it's a bit hazier than other films and can be more expensive. In addition, blown film is noisier on the unwind.

Cast Types of Stretch Film

Cast stretch film is manufactured through a process known as cast extrusion, which causes these films to have remarkable clarity. This clarity allows users to easily see and identify the products wrapped underneath the cast stretch film.

Unlike blown film, cast stretch film is easier to stretch and is quieter when it comes off the roll. Even though cast film offers a lower price than blown film and a bevy of amazing qualities, it doesn't compare to the tear resistance and holding power of blown film.

Machine Types of Stretch Film

Machine types of stretch film are engineered to be applied by using a machine. This type of stretch film offers several advantages over using a hand film applicator, including:

  • Safer stretch film application
  • More efficient packaging
  • Faster stretch film application
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    Reduction in packaging material costs
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    Creation of more secure loads

You can find machine stretch film in a variety of types, such as blown machine film, cast machine stretch film, and pre-stretched films.

Hand Stretch Types of Film

As the name suggests, hand stretch film is a type of stretch wrap film that is applied manually to the pallet or load. This type of stretch film is regularly used in lower capacity packaging operations.

If your facility is using hand stretch wrap types of film, yu should regularly consider the possible benefits of upgrading to a machine. By choosing the best hand stretch film applicator, you can create stretch film wrapping efficiencies that lead to more cost effective packaging operations.

Pre-Stretched Types of Stretch Wrap Film

Pre-stretched film has been stretched close to its maximum breaking point before it is placed onto rolls. This type of film doesn't require as much energy stretching it as the standard stretch film would require to accomplish the same wrapping force. Many of our customers who use prestretched film report it results in significant cost savings by only requiring ½ of that of traditional stretch films.

Custom Colored Stretch Film

In addition to blown and cast types of stretch films, you can also find custom colored stretch wrap at AAA Polymer. Our custom colored stretch wraps are transparent films, so you'll be able to see through it — even after several revolutions. We offer custom colored stretch wrap film in the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
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Ultra Violet Stabilized Stretch Film

AAA Polymer's custom UV stabilized stretch film offers an unparalleled level of radiation absorption and weathering resistance. This film features an additional UV blocker to reduce the transmission of rays.

While UV stabilized stretch film is transparent and will show a high transmission of visible light, these films almost entirely block out UV light transmission. As an added bonus, the UV stabilized film boast high mechanical strength and a good dimensional stability over a vast range of temperatures.

Contact AAA Polymer for the Different Types of Stretch Film

When it comes to choosing the best type of stretch film for your needs, the experts at AAA Polymer are here to help! We bring several decades of experience evaluating our customers stretch wrap usage, goals, and needs to gain a comprehensive view. Then we can suggest the best type of stretch wrap to save your business money and increase efficiency.

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