How Does Recycling Plastic Save Money? Learn How Your Business Can Benefit!

How Does Recycling Plastic Save Money? Learn How Your Business Can Benefit!

By AAA Polymer | Plastics Recycling

Feb 01

Every business looks for ways to slash costs, but did you know that recycling plastic could save money? Some call in efficiency experts and others hold endless meetings trying to figure out ways to create efficiencies.

However, the plastic stretch film you use in your business can be transformed from plastic trash into cash. It might sound crazy, but the experts at AAA Polymer can show you how. Continue reading to learn how recycling plastic can save your business money and impact your bottom line.

Save Money by Recycling Your Plastic Scrap

Virtually every business that manufactures anything will wind up with plastic scrap. Common examples of plastic scrap include:

It's a pain to have materials like those just lying around taking up space and getting in the way. It can also cost a lot of money, time, and valuable resources to get it out of the way. Depending on the size and density of the scrap, it can even cause a workplace hazard. However, when you work with AAA Polymer, we'll help you create a robust plastic recycling program designed to transform an expense into savings.

Recycling Plastic Saves Money by Reducing Waste Disposal Costs

Getting rid of waste can represent a significant expense for your business. This generally occurs due to the price waste removal companies charges to pick up and haul away scrap. If you try to handle the disposal yourself, you may save a bit, but you add to logistic and managerial challenges.

Consider just the charges per ton disposal sites charge. These can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. However, when you start a plastic recycling program, you will slash your waste disposal costs and create actual business savings.  

Save Money with Plastic Recycling & Protect Your Brand

We also offer a certified destruction program that provides a level of certainty on what happens to your plastic scraps, which are often labels. We'll properly dispose of your plastic recyclables to ensure it doesn't end up in a landfill or on the black market where it can be used to make counterfeit products. In addition to protecting your brand and potentially saving you from expensive lawsuits, certified destruction offers businesses a range of benefits.

This might not appear to be a savings for your business at first glance, but the money comes back to you in the long run. This is because when firms that manufacture fake brand name goods get prevented from producing their items, legitimate firms like yours sustain significant losses. Also, the lack of plastics in landfills means less money needed to clean up the problems they create.

How Can AAA Polymer Help with Plastic Recycling?

As leaders in the plastics recycling industry, AAA Polymer will actively look for ways to assist you in the recycling of your plastic scrap. The first step is to perform an onsite analysis of your plastic scrap production. If necessary, we can assist with the installation of a bailer to help your company prepare your plastic scrap for pickup.

Also, we are flexible when it comes to the size of a load of scrap to be hauled away. Some companies specify a certain tonnage be met before a pickup of the scrap will occur. We can handle large loads, but we also will take care of small loads if it will help your business.

We handle all processing and weighing at our facilities, so your employees don't have to hang around and deal with a lot of hassle during a pickup. With our commitment to making our service as easy to use as possible, your business stands to reap rewards on numerous levels. In addition, we'll be there along every step of the way — offering guidance and best practice tips to ensure you get the most from your plastic recycling program.

Contact AAA Polymer to Save Money with Plastic Recycling

Since 1974, AAA Polymer has been helping businesses throughout the United States save money through plastics recycling. We've assisted warehouses, distribution centers, and other type of facilities turn their plastic trash into actual business savings. And we're looking forward to helping you and your facility do the same.

Contact AAA Polymer today to learn more about how recycling plastic can save money.

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