Pallet Stretch Wrap Recycling 101 for W/DCs

Pallet Stretch Wrap Recycling 101 for W/DCs

By AAA Polymer | Stretch Wrap

Feb 26

Stretch wrap is undoubtedly the largest component of waste streams in warehouses and distribution centers (W/DCs). And savvy business owners are taking advantage of pallet stretch wrap recycling to capitalize on the key benefits, such as cost savings. 

When W/DCs do not recycle pallet stretch wrap, you must pay to have it hauled away with the rest of the trash to be disposed of. A large warehouse or distribution center can easily create thousands of pounds of stretch wrap annually, which carries a significant impact and weight on your bottom line. 

Instead of weighing down your company's profitability, it's the all-around smarter decision to partner with AAA Polymer for pallet stretch wrap recycling. Our team of experienced recycling pros will partner closely with you and your team to guide you through the process and maximize your savings

We'll share our decades of learnings and knowledge to help you get the most from your pallet stretch wrap recycling program. Let's take a closer look at some of the nuts and bolts of pallet stretch wrap recycling. If you're ready to start realizing your own savings, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at AAA Polymer.

How Much Pallet Stretch Wrap Are You Using?

The first step in establishing a pallet stretch wrap recycling program is to determine the amount of stretch film or wrap in your facility. Fortunately, you can rely on the experience and expertise of AAA Polymer to help. 

Our commercial recycling team will provide a free onsite survey of your facility to help in capturing all of your plastic recyclable material. In addition to stretch film, we'll show you which materials you can recycle as well as ways to ensure the highest possible quality. 

Make Pallet Stretch Wrap an Operational Business Goal 

When you consider how much money a pallet stretch wrap recycling program could save your business, it makes sense to dedicate resources to the program. The most successful companies that excel at pallet stretch wrap recycling have made it a core operational goal.

You can set goals for recovery, implement monitoring programs, and encourage employees to feel empowered with the recycling program. Make sure that recycling is a part of the conversation at employee reviews, team meetings, and any other communications. 

Remove Barriers for Pallet Film Recycling 

It's of the utmost importance you make recycling pallet stretch wraps and films as easy and hassle-free as possible. For example, requiring employees to walk across the warehouse to a stretch film recycling bin will undoubtedly hinder your recovery rate. Instead, it's best to make it easy by placing the proper plastic recycling receptacles near where they work and where pallets are unwrapped. 

The companies who truly excel at pallet stretch wrap recycling strategically position multiple recycling receptacles throughout the warehouse or distribution center. All containers should be clearly labeled and easy-to-read signage should be used. 

Your Employees Are Your Front Line of Defense

When it comes to your pallet stretch wrap recycling program, your employees are your first and last line of defense. As a result, it's of the highest importance to get each employee to buy into the recycling plan and feel empowered. The first step is to educate them about the importance of recycling.

Make sure they know the difference they're making in their local community, such as the number of plastics diverted from landfills and how that translates into more park space. However, recycling doesn't just help the environment — it has the potential to help the economy and create American jobs.

In fact, suggests recycling and reusing can create anywhere between 9 to 30 times more jobs than incinerators and landfills. You can create informative, quick-hitting fliers stressing the importance of stretch film recycling. 

You can also tie your company's pallet stretch wrap recycling program performance to indicators or goals. And if a department or group hits a target recovery rate, you can reward them with a pizza party or some other incentive. 

In the end, your employees can make or break your pallet stretch wrap recycling program, so it only makes sense to focus on their knowledge, engagement, and connection to the program. 

Partner with a Reputable Pallet Stretch Wrap Recycling Company

Partnering with a reputable plastics recycling company — like AAA Polymer — is one of the most essential elements of having a successful pallet stretch wrap recycling program. While there may be no shortage of recycling companies, not all are created equally. When you partner with AAA Polymer, you'll gain the knowledge and expertise of an industry leader who has been in business since 1974. 

We offer robust stretch film recycling services to help you save money and time. However, this is only the beginning — our goal is to add value to your business at every turn. For example, our certified destruction service is a process where we provide you with in-depth documentation of the destruction of your plastic recyclables.

We will tailor your certified destruction plan to the unique needs of your business, so you can rest easier knowing your plastic stretch film and potentially sensitive information has been properly disposed of.

Contact AAA Polymer for Pallet Stretch Wrap Recycling

At AAA Polymer, we specialize in helping warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities get the most from their stretch film or pallet stretch wrap recycling program. And our team of seasoned experts will do the same for you. 

Contact us today to get started.

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