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Make Your Business Greener
Oct 11

Top 4 Actionable Ways to Make Your Business Greener Today

By Michael Kralstein | Uncategorized

Across the nation, savvy building owners and managers are utilizing different ways to make their business greener. These industry leaders are leveraging the cost savings of going green to create a competitive advantage. Going green explains whenever your warehouse, distribution center, or business makes a concerted effort to reduce the negative impact of doing business. Going […]

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Everyday Recycled Plastic Uses
Oct 11

6 Everyday Recycled Plastic Uses You’ve Never Considered

By Michael Kralstein | Plastics Recycling

With the growing focus on energy conservation and environmental preservation, you can expect the number of recycled plastic uses to continually increase. Why? Because the world is literally swimming in plastic waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 32 million tons of plastic was generated in 2012 with only 9% being recycled. To help preserve natural […]

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Closed Loop Recycling
Jul 27

How Can Warehouses and Distribution Centers Close the Loop on Recycling?

By Michael Kralstein | Closed Loop Recycling

Closed loop recycling explains the when your warehouse or distribution center recycles and uses products made of post-production waste or post-consumer waste content. There are three primary steps involved with a closed loop recycling system for warehouses and distribution centers:Plastic recyclables — such as stretch films, stretch wraps, and other plastics — are collected.Once collected, […]

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